Hygienic air conditioning

In times of systems upgrading, technical building services are increasingly becoming an important competitive factor. Additionally, to assure a positive image for a company, solutions in HVAC and air treatment must provide ideal results – also with respect to hygiene. The aspect of hygiene, in conjunction with ventilation, is a subject of major concern, especially in hospitals, pharmaceutical enterprises, and laboratories. In these environments, it is not only all surfaces that must be absolutely free of viruses and bacteria: the presence of microbes in the air can also quickly lead to the contamination of products as well as process tools.

With respect to product quality, attention is particularly directed to the pharmaceutical sector. Even slight fluctuations in indoor climate can result in quality impairment of medication and, in turn, in serious health and economic consequences. Moreover, regular inspections must take place in the manufacturers’ plants. Precise coordination of various influencing factors – such as room temperature and relative humidity – is essential to conform with the strict requirements that prevail in the pharmaceuticals industry. Regular inspections ensure that exactly defined parameters are maintained at all times.

Flawless hygiene of course also plays a key role in hospitals. Operating rooms, with their surgical implements and various additional materials, especially represent, for good reason, special and highly sensitive areas that are screened off by ventilation from their surrounding environments. In the same manner, patient rooms, visitors’ zones, offices, staff cafeterias, and sanitary rooms must be optimally climate-controlled to ensure that patients, staff, and visitors feel comfortable.

Laboratories, as special and complex clean rooms, represent zones in which contamination must be optimally prevented. Depending on the prevailing safety levels, tests with potentially infectious microorganisms take place there – which make a precisely coordinated ventilation system, with absolute failsafe security, critically necessary. Requirements placed on air conditioning can vary from room to room. Overpressure zones are required in the provision of sterile materials, and underpressure zones are necessary in areas with completely sterile air.

In the planning of the ventilation system, factors such as room design and existing heat sources must also be considered.

For these many and various strict requirements, Menerga offers intelligent, certified solutions that not only ensure failsafe security, but that also operate extremely efficiently and thus keep operating expenses down.

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