Air handling unit with cross-counter-cross-flow heat exchangerTrisolair

Tailored for offices, theatres, laboratories and more

Our Trisolair series offer maximum heat recovery efficiency, low pressure drops and a compact design. These completely ready-to-connect units include all components for energy-efficient ventilation, including switching and control elements.

Energy efficiency

The Trisolair series is designed to be energy efficient. It uses energy-efficient EC fans and has a triple stage heat recovery system, resulting in significant energy savings.

Compact design

The units are designed to be compact and space-saving, which allows them to be installed in small technical rooms. This makes them ideal for renovation projects with limited space.

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to their energy efficiency, the Trisolair units help to reduce energy consumption and thus environmental impact. They help to reduce CO emissions and are therefore environmentally friendly solutions.

Complete solution

The Trisolair series offers an all-in-one solution for indoor ventilation and air conditioning. It comes as a complete package with all necessary components and switching and control elements, which simplifies installation and commissioning.

Ultimate performance

The all-in-one concept includes an air handling unit with a cross-counter-cross-flow heat exchanger and an air volume flow of 1,180 - 4,900 m³/h. Thanks to energy-efficient EC fans, a compact design, an LPHW heating coil and an integrated, infinitely adjustable bypass damper for the thermal bypass of the recuperator, Trisolair offers maximum performance and flexibility.

Highest quality

Our Trisolair ranges feature a corrosion-free polypropylene heat exchanger and are intensively tested to ensure the highest quality. Additional options such as recirculation air dampers for heating purposes, cooling coils and remote maintenance are also available.

Optimised switching and control device for your air conditioner

Our optimised switch and control unit offers you the perfect solution for controlling your air handling unit. The fully equipped control cabinet contains a pre-wired switching and control unit for effortless installation and operation. With terminals for main power supply, motor and control cables, and a main/repair switch for unit shutdown, our control cabinet is equipped with all the necessary components.

The integrated terminal strip makes it easy to accommodate external measurement and control signals. The internal electrical cables leading from the control cabinet into the unit are already pre-wired and only need to be connected on site. With divisible units, the cables can be pulled back into the individual mounting units.

Our switching and control equipment not only ensures smooth operation of the air handling unit, but also high energy efficiency and easy maintenance. Rely on our experience and state-of-the-art technology to get the most out of your air conditioner. Improve performance, save energy and optimise your indoor comfort - all with our advanced switching and control equipment.

Bypass damper

Our advanced switching and control equipment for air conditioners not only offers first-class control, but also an integrated bypass damper to bypass the heat exchanger. This damper is controlled by a continuous damper actuator and is seamlessly integrated into the unit.

With this innovative bypass damper, you can bypass the heat exchanger to achieve the desired room temperature more efficiently. You have full control over the heat exchange process to adjust the room comfort according to your needs.