The importance of ventilation technology in a passive house

Sustainable building future

Passive house certified components

In an era in which sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important, the passive house concept is a key element in the construction industry. A passive house is characterised by its minimal energy demand, which is largely covered by passive heat sources. It is of the utmost importance that intelligent ventilation technology is used - a component in which Menerga plays a central role.

Ideal air conditions for all building types

As our solutions are certified with Adconair and Resolair heat recovery in all sizes, they can be optimally used in passive houses and all other low-energy buildings.

Energy-efficient design for maximum comfort

An essential component of the passive house concept is air treatment with highly efficient heat recovery. The required ventilation system must not exceed an electrical energy consumption of 0.45 Wh/m³ with a heat recovery efficiency of at least 75 % at -10 °C outside air and 21 °C exhaust air.

Perfect for sustainable requirements

Suitable systems: Adconair and Resolair

Menerga's solutions for passive houses

Our NX Adconair and NX Resolair systems with heat recovery are ideal for use in passive houses and other low-energy buildings. They are available in many sizes and offer an optimal solution for every building.

Minimise energy loss in the building

Environmentally friendly building

Maximum comfort and minimise energy

The passive house concept sets standards in modern architecture by combining environmental friendliness with exceptional comfort. A key element of this innovative approach is energy-efficient ventilation technology. Menerga plays a leading role in this area and makes a significant contribution to ensuring that passive houses are not only energy-efficient. Optimising the building envelope through efficient insulation, airtight constructions and high-quality windows minimises energy loss. Menerga's advanced ventilation systems are the key to a pleasant indoor climate all year round without the need for traditional heating or cooling systems.

Efficiency and well-being with Menerga

Menerga's ventilation technology is the perfect complement to the passive house concept. It not only minimises energy consumption, but also creates a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. This advanced technology enables continuous air exchange, which ensures fresh, clean air and at the same time saves energy through highly efficient heat recovery. The combination of passive house construction and Menerga ventilation technology demonstrates a vision for the future: buildings that are both environmentally friendly and exceptionally comfortable. Our systems set standards in energy efficiency and thus contribute to a sustainable and liveable living space.

Shaping the future with Menerga ventilation technology in the passive house

In a world where resource consumption and environmental impact are constantly in focus, Menerga offers a path to a sustainable building future with its innovative passive house ventilation technologies.

The combination of energy-efficient design and advanced ventilation technology shows how comfort, environmental protection and energy saving can be harmoniously combined.

Passive houses with Menerga components not only set new standards in construction, but also shape a future worth living for generations to come.

Units for Net-zero energy buildings

Discover our Menerga systems for net-zero energy buildings.