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We provide ventilation solutions for challenging applications with minimal impact on the environment

Shaping the future of air treatment

As an innovation leader, we continuously explore and develop new technologies to enhance the energy efficiency of our products. Our dedicated team of experts in research and development keeps a keen eye on the latest trends and environmental requirements.

With Menerga, you gain not only an eco-friendly technology but also a reliable partner on the journey to a sustainable future. We eagerly anticipate providing you with tailor-made solutions that promote both environmental consciousness and business advancement.

Our environmental commitment

Energy efficiency stands as a central pillar of our technology. Our ventilation systems are meticulously designed to minimize energy consumption while delivering top-notch performance and comfort. Sustainable technologies not only relieve environmental burdens but also lead to long-term cost savings. This is why we prioritise offering efficient solutions that impress both ecologically and economically.

The goal: Reducing CO₂ emissions

Our products are engineered to reduce CO₂ emissions and leave a positive ecological footprint. Whether in swimming pools, aquaculture facilities or net-zero energy buildings, we support you in achieving your environmental goals and establishing more sustainable operations.

Minimal Energy Application

Our philosophy since day one

We have been committed to environmentally friendly solutions since our inception. At Menerga, we are continuously committed to green technologies that have a positive impact on our environment. An important part of our sustainable mission is the use of natural refrigerants in our air handling units.

Menerga places a strong emphasis on sustainability in air conditioning technology. We can cool systems with water in a resource-saving way and dispense with the use of refrigerants.

Sascha Mohr
Sascha Mohr
Managing Director | Mohr Solutions Ingenieure Ltd & Co. KG

Customised service solutions

Menerga's technical service

Menerga's Technical Service offers customised solutions throughout the entire life cycle of your products. This service not only ensures a smooth transition to new products, but also optimises the life cycle costs of your systems. Our experts are on hand to provide you with expert advice to ensure that your investments are always efficient and future-proof. A seamless product life cycle is crucial to maximise the value and performance of your equipment.

Innovative indoor climate for swimming pools

Perfect indoor climate, sustainable protection

The ventilation of an indoor swimming pool fulfils two crucial tasks: Creating an ideal feel-good climate and continuously dehumidifying the air to protect the building fabric from moisture damage in the long term. Menerga is not only the market leader, but also an innovator in this demanding discipline. Our customised systems ventilate, dehumidify and heat rooms automatically achieving the most economical operating point.

40 years of expertise in air treatment for indoor swimming pools

For four decades, Menerga has been a pioneer in air treatment for indoor swimming pools, setting standards in terms of efficiency and innovation. Our many years of experience are reflected in every system that is optimised for buildings with high humidity. A central element of this success story is our heat exchanger made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene.

Menerga has now been providing a good climate and thus satisfied guests in our adventure pool for 27 years. We are very much looking forward to the future together - the journey continues.

Heidi Köberle
Heidi Köberle
Managing Director | Erlebnisbad Aquaria Betriebs Ltd

Proof of good indoor air quality

Case Studies

Discover interesting projects and find out how Menerga's systems ensure optimum indoor air quality and comfort. The units are used in various everyday environments such as swimming pools, offices, factories, industrial plants, fish farms and low-energy houses.

Discover the future of ventilation technology with Menerga. Place your trust in 40 years of first-class expertise, state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable solutions. Work with us to create the perfect indoor climate for well-being and efficiency. Menerga - your partner for air quality and innovation.