Menerga's systems lift Eintracht Frankfurt's professional camp onto a new playing field of efficiency

One project - many different solutions

Profi-Camp Eintracht Frankfurt

In the ultra-modern new professional camp building of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, a total of 18 ventilation and air conditioning systems have been installed for a wide range of applications. Particular attention was paid to the passive house standards to ensure optimum energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Highest energy efficiency

The large unit cross-sectional areas result in low speed with low internal pressure drop, low electrical input power of the fans and thus particularly high energy efficiency.

Optimal solution

There are many different application areas in the professional camp for which Menerga was able to offer the right solution.

High end ventilation systems for high end facility

The newly built professional camp of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG spans an impressive area of 800 square metres. It houses the fitness area, a whirlpool, a cold chamber, a cinema-style meeting room and a sleeping bar in the licensed players' area.

All functions under one roof

The camp also houses 19 additional conference rooms, a 400 m² foyer and an administrative wing for 280 employees. The company restaurant "Fifty-Nine" offers space for 120 people and is designed to be passive house compliant.

Innovative, facility to bring the ‘family’ together in the heart of Europe

The innovative professional camp meets the highest modern standards and now brings the Eintracht family together in one central location after many years of being scattered in and around Frankfurt. The postal address is Im Herzen von Europa 1, a symbolic commitment to internationality that is also reflected in the names of the conference rooms.

A total of 18 air handling units have found their place

View into the technical room

To keep this high-end facility fresh and comfortable, 18 ventilation systems, installed by Menerga, found their home.

Offices and meeting rooms

The professional camp of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG accommodates 19 state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Equipped with advanced technology, they provide an ideal working environment.

Optimal air quality and comfort for productive meetings

Resolair ventilation systems, with regenerative heat storage package and PKW dehumidification cooler, ensure optimal air quality and comfort in the meeting rooms, as well as in the Kinostyle room.

Efficient heating and cooling solutions

In addition, the offices are equipped with high-performance Adconair ventilation systems that integrate counterflow plate heat exchangers, PWW heaters, adiabatic cooling and car dehumidification coolers.

These efficient air-conditioning solutions create a pleasant and productive working atmosphere in the Profi Camp.

Find out more about our kitchen solution

Revolutionary kitchen exhaust air solution for efficient and comfortable cooling

At the heart of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG's professional camp, Menerga's Adsolair is revolutionising the way kitchen air is treated. With an impressive air flow rate of 10,525 m³/h, this unit not only provides highly efficient cooling, but also adiabatic cooling that perfectly meets comfort criteria.

Efficient, precise and purified supply air cooling

Thanks to an innovative cleaning system, grease deposits in the heat exchanger are reliably and automatically removed.

The power of “adiabatic” evaporative cooling for kitchens

The unique technology of “adiabatic” evaporative cooling, combined with the use of polypropylene plates, enables in-depth cleaning of the kitchen exhaust air.

With a three-stage filter system that removes grease, oil, aerosols and odours, the air always remains clean and hygienic.

This holistic ventilation concept not only minimises energy consumption, but also ensures a pleasant indoor climate that meets the demands of a professional camp.

NX Adsolair Kitchen
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NX Adconair
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NX Adsolair
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