Air handling unit with counterflow plate heat exchangerNX ThermoCond Aquaculture

Tailored for the unique needs of aquaculture environments

Our decades of experience in the field of air treatment in indoor swimming pools enable us to offer a customised solution for the specific requirements of aquaculture. The NX ThermoCond unit has been developed to integrate all the necessary components for optimum heating, dehumidification and ventilation of aquaculture buildings.

  • NX ThermoCond can handle maximum airflows from 3,300 - 37,000 m³/h

  • Corrosion-free counterflow plate heat exchanger made from polypropylene


Maximum flexibility and performance

Discover our groundbreaking enclosure: with flexible configuration, high-quality materials and innovative cooling technology, it sets new standards. maximum performance, minimum space requirements and an impressive airflow of 3,300 - 37,000 m³/h.

Easy configuration

Thanks to our configurator, the precise design of ventilation systems is now even easier. The new online tool ensures reliable operation of the ventilation system and that the connected loads are not oversized on site. You also benefit from an accurate calculation of life cycle costs.

Minimal energy loss and durable design

Panels made of galvanized plastic coated (approx. 35 μm on all side) steel sheet. Thermal bridging prevented by the use of plastic profiles.

  • Thermal bridging factor TB1

  • Mechanical strength D1 (M)

  • Casing leakage L1 (M)

  • Filter bypass leakage F9 (M)

  • Heat transfer T2

  • Corrosion protection class C4

Easy to control and operate

Our comprehensive control system for ventilation units makes advanced technology effortless to use. Optimise the performance of your ventilation and create the perfect indoor climate - easily and efficiently. Take advantage of more effective ventilation unit use and reduce your energy consumption while maintaining the ideal indoor climate.

Corrosion-free heat exchanger

Our solution

With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a product that offers precise heating, advanced dehumidification and intelligent ventilation. The integrated counterflow plate heat exchanger with a true counterflow ratio of 80 % maximises heat recovery for maximum efficiency and energy savings.

Close-up view NX ThermoComd: Heat exchanger

Polypropylene instead of aluminium

The key to our corrosion-free approach is polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic material. Compared to conventional materials, PP not only offers high resistance to acids, alkalis, salts and solvents, but is also free from toxic substances and groundwater-neutral. This makes it ideal for use in air handling and ventilation technology, whether in industrial applications with polluted extract air or in areas with high humidity.

High durability

The corrosion-free properties of polypropylene enable a long service life without the influence of oxidation, rust formation or other typical corrosion processes. Our heat exchanger is insensitive to microbiological growth and therefore does not provide a breeding ground for germs or algae deposits.

Air handling unit for heating, dehumidification and ventilation of aquaculture

Two-stage supply air filtration

Heating coil

Energy-saving EC fans

Complete cleaning of the heat exchanger possible without dismantling

Corrosion-free counterflow plate heat exchanger made of polypropylene

Constantly regulated recirculation air dampers for heating purposes


Integrated bypass for both airways for prevention of overheating at summerconditions

Profiled, closed frame construction made of galvanized and powdercoated steel sheet

All-in-one concept

The units of the NX ThermoCond series achieve a very high passive energy efficiency, as the integrated control and regulation determines the minimum proportion of outdoor air that is required for dehumidifying the indoor industry hall air. The integrated counterflow plate heat exchanger achieves the highest heat recovery rates with a real counterflow proportion of 80 %.

Performance parameters

The NX ThermoCond is already equipped with a large number of performance parameters:

  • Corrosion-free counterflow plate heat exchanger made from polypropylene

  • Heating coil

  • Air filtration in all operating conditions, with filters in return, outside and supply air

  • Constantly regulated recirculation air dampers for heating purposes

  • Integrated freely programmable control and regulation unit

  • Intensive quality inspection with factory test run

  • Complete cleaning of the heat exchanger possible without dismantling

Additional options

We also offer a wide range of options for customization. These include a shortened version of the recuperator, attenuators for low-noise operation, options for outdoor installation, remote maintenance options for efficient servicing and various versions of the building management system (BMS).

Our projects in focus

Further information

Heat exchanger

Revolutionary performance in building air conditioning: our counterflow plate heat exchanger made of microbiologically non-metabolisable polypropylene sets new standards. With a counterflow ratio of at least 80 %, we optimise the air volume at all operating points, the heat recovery coefficient, flow losses and condensate removal. Our integrated design maximises efficiency across the unit depth and guarantees peak efficiency over the entire outdoor temperature range. Highly corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant - our counterflow plate heat exchanger meets the stringent requirements of VDI 6022 and VDI 3803 sheet 1. With a minimum fin spacing of 5.2 mm and complete cleanability according to VDI 3803 sheet 1:2020-05, we set new standards in the industry.

Control and regulation unit

Our switching and control equipment redefines efficiency. A pre-wired control cabinet contains all control, regulation and drive components, perfectly matched to your unit. From terminals for the main power supply to motor and control cables, main/repair switches and motor control components - everything is precisely integrated. Our electronic control system sets new standards in programming freedom. With an object-oriented Graphic Editor and the option for expansion via peripheral bus with local or remote I/O expansion modules, you retain full control. Thanks to potential-free contacts suitable for 230 V / 2 A, we offer a flexible control solution that adapts perfectly to your needs. The control cabinet is mounted on the unit and foldable for transport or possible for wall mounting with 15 metre cable length.

  • Thermal bridging class TB1 (M)

  • Leakage class L1 (M)

  • Case stability D1 (M)

  • Filter bypass leakage F9 (M)

  • Panels and doors in corrosion class C4

  • Heat transfer T2 (M)


Pure protection for clean air: Our filters complies with ISO 16890 and set new standards in filter technology. The filters are equipped with high-performance panel filter cells or pocket filters that ensure maximum filter performance. With a filtration efficiency that meets quality standards and a CE 1935/2004 food compatibility test certification, we offer you top quality.

Our filters are ready for any climate: with suitability for relative humidities of up to 100 %, they are the optimal choice for diverse environments. An intelligent filter mounting frame, sealed with self-sealing rubber lips, ensures a secure seal against the housing.


Constantly regulated recirculation air dampers for heating purposes. Airtight according to DIN EN 1751:2014 class 2. The flap design allows a complete opening of the airways for the lowest possible flow losses and optimum loading of the downstream components.

Factory test run

For highest quality: Each unit undergoes a documented test run before delivery. The control cabinet test is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 60204 and includes the assembly and wiring in the test field. Visual and leak checks of all installations guarantee your safety. In addition, a detailed test run and the setting of safety-relevant parameters are carried out. Our software and all control and regulation components are subject to a detailed function check. The pressure measurement report from the factory test run is included in the scope of delivery. We rely on the highest quality standards to meet your requirements.


Complete cleaning of the heat exchanger possible without dismantling. Inspection openings allow the front to be fully opened for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Interior panel colour: 1A Colour based on RAL 7035 (light grey)

  • Exterior panel colour: 1A Colour based on RAL 2004 (pure orange)