Swimming pool air treatment

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The importance of first-class engineering

Suitable and individually optimised ventilation and air conditioning solutions are an essential prerequisite for the effective and safe operation of energy-efficient swimming pools. Too often, indoor swimming pools are equipped with unsuitable ventilation and air conditioning technology. As a result, the indoor climate and the building fabric can suffer.

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The reliable solution: Menerga

Swimming pool comfort

We provide tailored ventilation and air conditioning solutions for your swimming pool facility, catering to varying factors such as daily footfall, facility dimensions, water capacity, and geographical location.

Creating a comfortable environment for bathers and staff

Air conditioning, heating, and dehumidification in the swimming hall and ancillary rooms

Protecting the building and its structure from moisture damage

Economical operation

Adapting the climate to visitor numbers

Ensuring hygienic indoor air

Unlocking the benefits of proper air treatment

Air treatment for swimming pools

Air quality

Combat poor air quality effectively. Our solutions address high humidity and inadequate air circulation that can lead to mold growth not only in the swimming hall but also in adjacent areas like showers, changing rooms and toilets. By maintaining optimal air quality, we create a healthier and more enjoyable environment for both visitors and staff.

Indoor comfort

Our innovative solutions create a pleasant indoor climate and ensure that bathers feel comfortable every time they visit. Good air quality enhances the well-being of visitors, increases the likelihood of repeat visits and boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Building protection

Building an indoor swimming pool is a complex task, involving significant water vapor pressure from the inside out. It is essential to optimize many details to prevent potential problems such as condensation, mould, and the transfer of moisture to colder, drier areas.

Our sales advisors are experts in these areas and are available to provide you with detailed information on the measures to be taken.

Highest heat recovery rates

The air conditioning of swimming pool halls is one of the most demanding segments of air conditioning. This is where we started in 1980, this is where we grew up and this is where we are the market and innovation leader. Our special expertise: Highest heat recovery rates reduce operating costs, robust system designs survive the most adverse conditions.

We supply customised ventilation and air conditioning solutions for swimming pools of all kinds. The ventilation and air conditioning units are adapted to the individual circumstances of our customers.

Our ventilation and air conditioning equipment is installed in amusement parks, Olympic pools, public swimming pools, private swimming pools and spa facilities. In each of these places, we ensure maximum temperature and humidity balance and a safe indoor environment.

NX ThermoCond Series
NX ThermoCond Series
NX ThermoCond series, advanced air handling unit serie for public swimming pools
NX ThermoCond
NX ThermoCond HP
TX ThermoCond Series
TX ThermoCond Series
TX ThermoCond series for private and hotel swimming pools
TX ThermoCond
TX ThermoCond HP
ThermoCond 23
ThermoCond 23
Perfect for private homes, spas, and municipal swimming pools
Heat recovery from waste water