Heat recovery from waste water

Waste heat utilised sensibly

Efficient heat recovery from waste water has never been easier and more sustainable than with our innovative AquaCond solution. Combine sustainable and economic goals effortlessly by transferring thermal energy from waste water to fresh water. Our technology finds ideal application especially in the swimming pool sector, where continuous exchange of warm pool water and constant supply of warm fresh water are required.

Heat recovery efficiency

Our technology recovers up to 90 % of the thermal energy contained in the waste water, which means a significant increase in efficiency compared to conventional methods.

The advantages of our solution

Environmentally friendly and efficient

Our specially developed solution enables efficient heat recovery from waste water. All that is needed is a continuous supply of waste water to maintain operation.

Wide range of applications

The AquaCond series is ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether for swimming pools, shower areas, sauna and wellness areas, hospitals, residential homes, laundries or various industrial processes - AquaCond is the answer.

Enormous energy-saving potential

Indoor swimming pools offer huge potential for energy savings, especially through the use of warm waste water from showers and the exchange of fresh water per visitor.

Efficient technology

Our units utilise a recuperator and a heat pump to recover the energy contained in waste water. This technology requires only around 10% of the energy of conventional heating methods.

Robust construction and easy maintenance

The AquaCond units are equipped with automatic heat exchanger cleaning, which makes them suitable even for contaminated waste water. They are robustly constructed and easy to maintain.

Our contribution to a sustainable future through heat recovery from waste water

Make use of the enormous potential of warm waste water that would otherwise flow unused into the sewage system. Our AquaCond units recover this valuable energy and provide warm fresh water at the same time - environmentally friendly, sustainable and extremely efficient.

Performance features at a glance

Automatic heat exchanger cleaning

Constant pipe cross-sections in the waste water path for constant flow velocity

Heat pump system with fully hermetic suction gas-cooled refrigerant compressor

Complete unit ready for connection with all switching and control elements

Find out how AquaCond not only reduces your operating costs, but also protects the environment. Invest in a greener future - with us.