Maintaining specific air conditions during the potting and drying processes

Optimisation of LED production

Frensch GmbH

This project focuses on an LED production company that specialises in the integration of potting material into LED bodies. A particular challenge in this production process is maintaining specific air conditions during the encapsulation and drying processes. Menerga has developed and implemented a customised solution that ensures both technical efficiency and optimal process conditions.

Precise air condition control

Ensures optimum conditions during the potting and drying process, which is crucial for product quality.

Energy efficiency

The system utilises resources efficiently, resulting in significant operational cost savings.


The system is flexible and can adapt to different production phases and conditions, with variable air volume regulation.

Reliability in stand-by mode

Special functions such as the external electric heating coil in winter ensure efficiency even during non-production periods.

The outstanding feature at Menerga is, of course, the polypropylene heat exchanger, with which we achieve very high efficiency rates. And, of course the adiabatic cooling system, which Menerga as one of the pioneers in this field has significantly developed and also advanced.

Ralph Berger
Director Technics

Precisely controlled air conditions

Our solution

The LED production process requires precisely controlled air conditions, which are crucial for the quality of the end products. The Menerga system, equipped with an adiabatic system and a reversible refrigeration system via an air condenser with hot gas distributor, ensures that these conditions are kept constant during the moulding and drying process.

Project features

Adsolair enables efficient and precise control of humidity and temperature, which is essential for the quality of the LEDs.

The system is characterised by its flexibility and performance

Technical highlights

The minimum air volume is set at 3,000 m³/h in fresh air mode via heat recovery and can be increased to up to 6,000 m³/h. This makes it possible to fulfil the requirements of different production phases. The maximum fresh air volume in free cooling mode is also 6,000 m³/h, which ensures efficient cooling under different operating conditions.

  • Efficient cooling: In free cooling mode, the system can also move up to 6,000 cubic metres of outside air per hour to ensure optimum cooling.

  • Precise control: The air volumes are precisely regulated by pressure measurements on the outside air filter. Internal calibration ensures accuracy every time production starts.

  • Customisable air supply: Two flaps in the supply air area regulate the recirculated air proportion to achieve the desired air conditions.

  • Innovative 'defrost HRC' function: An internal damper and temperature measurements on the recuperator control the defrosting process in the heat recovery system.

  • Efficiency in standby mode: An external electric heating coil is used for standby mode in winter to keep energy consumption low and ensure efficiency even outside production times.

The implementation of the Menerga solution in this challenging environment demonstrates Menerga's commitment and technical expertise in providing customised, environmentally friendly and efficient air conditioning systems for specialised industrial applications.

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