Air handling unit with counterflow plate heat exchangerNX Adconair

Maximum efficiency, environmental awareness and a healthy indoor climate

Our wide range of Adconair systems offers customised solutions for production facilities, food industries, canteens and exhibition halls. Our solutions are not only powerful, but also environmentally friendly, thanks to materials such as polypropylene and innovative cooling technologies.

Energy efficiency

All Menerga Adconair systems are designed to offer the highest energy efficiency. Innovative technologies and intelligent designs minimise energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and greener operation.

Environmental friendliness

Adconair units use environmentally friendly materials and technologies. They minimise the use of chemicals, reduce waste and have less impact on the environment, while ensuring effective air treatment.

Versatility and adaptability

Whether for production facilities, the food industry, canteens or exhibition halls, Adconair systems are extremely versatile and adapt to different applications. Their flexibility allows them to be adapted to different requirements and environments.

Healthy indoor air quality

All Adconair systems are designed to ensure optimal indoor air quality. They provide efficient air filtration, regulate temperature and ensure continuous air exchange, resulting in a healthy and comfortable environment for the people who spend time in the premises.

Adconair variants at a glance


Efficient air treatment without compromise

Our all-in-one system integrates a counterflow plate heat exchanger and offers an air volume flow of 2,730 - 36,900 m³/h. The counterflow plate heat exchanger sets the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency with a genuine counterflow proportion of over 80 % and a pressure loss of just 115 Pa. In addition, the polypropylene material used enables the adiabatic cooling system to be operated exclusively with pure water without the addition of cleaning agents or wetting agents and therefore does not pollute the waste water.

Adconair Adiabatic

Maximum cooling capacity, minimum energy

This appliance also contains an important component: the counterflow plate heat exchanger, which cools the extract air adiabatically. This means that the outside air is cooled indirectly by the extract air without moisture being transferred from the extract air to the supply air. The high efficiency of the heat exchanger and the high counterflow proportion of > 80 % ensure effective cooling with a temperature difference of more than 14 K. This variant can be extended by an integrated compression refrigeration system, which is switched on at high outside temperatures to cool the supply air to the desired temperature.

Adconair Adiabaticᶻᵉʳᵒᴳᵂᴾ

Sustainable cooling at the highest level of innovation

The Adconair Adiabaticᶻᵉʳᵒᴳᵂᴾ version utilises innovative technologies: indirect, adiabatic evaporative cooling takes place in the first half of the heat exchanger, as described for the Adconair Adiabatic systems. The outside air is already largely pre-cooled.

Dew point cooling takes place in the second half of the heat exchanger. Part of the pre-cooled outside air is discharged after the heat exchanger as a process air flow. This is fed back into the heat exchanger using the counterflow principle and humidified again. This results in indirect evaporative cooling. In contrast to conventional systems, the minimum temperature is no longer dependent on the wet bulb temperature of the exhaust air, but on the dew point of the pre-cooled outside air.

The proportion of outside air is up to 50 % of the nominal volume flow and is continuously controlled to ensure a constant supply air temperature. This performance must already be taken into account in the planning phase.

Adconair AdiabaticDXcarbonfree - thermally driven

Environmentally friendly cooling, highest efficiency

This all-in-one system is specially designed for production facilities, food industry, canteens and exhibition halls, and integrates a counterflow plate heat exchanger. The key components of this system consist of two modules equipped with silica gel as adsorption material. The system produces chilled water by applying a closed adsorption process, which is used in a change-over coil to cool and dehumidify the supply air. Temperatures in the refrigeration circuit are low enough to cool the outside air from 32 °C to about 16 °C, in combination with indirect, adiabatic evaporative cooling. While one module produces cold water through this process, the second module is regenerated. Hot water (from 55 °C) is used for this, which leads to desorption of the saturated silica gel. Desorption takes place at least as fast as adsorption, so that sufficient cooling energy is always available. The special feature of this concept is that there are no mechanical moving parts in the vacuum and the noise level is extremely low and vibration-free compared to conventional compressors.

Pressure tapping points for precise measurements and optimised airflow analyses

Our innovative solutions record the static pressure difference across the fan, record external pressure losses in the duct system and measure the pressure difference across the airways of the counterflow plate heat exchanger. In addition, our pressure tapping points provide accurate measurements of the differential pressures at the inlet nozzles as well as the static pressure differences of the filters.

The documentation of our pressure tapping points is a matter of course for us. Included in the scope of delivery is a precise measuring point drawing, which provides a transparent overview of our advanced systems. Rely on Menerga for innovative solutions and reliable pressure measurements in every application situation.

First-class air filtration to the highest standard

Our pocket filters for extract and outdoor air belong to the high-performance class ISO ePM10 60 %, while our supply air filters are compact filters of the ISO ePM1 55 % quality class. With self-sealing rubber lips, they provide reliable sealing against leckage air.

Monitoring of filter pressure losses is carried out precisely by our built-in pressure transmitters. Another highlight: our filters are fully incinerable, which not only facilitates disposal but is also environmentally friendly. Rely on Menerga for high-quality air filtration and first-class filter technologies that ensure efficient protection and clean air in every application

Efficiency and optimal control with our heat recovery bypass solutions

Our recuperator units are equipped with 2 bypass dampers that allow flexible bypass of the heat recovery unit while ensuring an efficient defrost function. The heat recovery bypass is effective over the full unit depth, resulting in minimal pressure losses during operation.

The advanced heat recovery bypass systems not only provide maximum efficiency, but also precise control over the heat transfer process. They allow tailoring to the specific requirements of your building air conditioning while ensuring energy-efficient use.

Discover the future of heat recovery technology with Menerga's heat recovery bypass solutions - for tailored efficiency and maximum performance.

Recuperator units with state-of-the-art counterflow plate heat exchangers

Equipped with innovative counterflow polypropylene plate heat exchangers. With a minimum counterflow rate of 80 %, our heat exchangers have been specially optimised for the requirements of building air conditioning. They ensure optimum air flow at all operating points, high heat recovery coefficient and minimum flow losses as well as efficient condensate removal. Our integrated design ensures that the heat exchanger is fully effective over the entire unit depth and provides optimum efficiency over the entire outdoor temperature range.

In addition, our counterflow plate heat exchangers are acid and alkali resistant, highly resistant to corrosion and ageing. They meet the highest cleaning standards according to VDI 6022 and are fully cleanable. The base plate in the recuperator section functions as a condensate tray with drain and water seal, while the polypropylene material complies with building material class B2 according to DIN 4102-1 and has been tested by the Materials Testing Authority (MPA). Discover the future of energy-efficient building air conditioning with Menerga's recuperator units - for sustainable performance and first-class quality.

Air flow control

This innovative solution enables load-dependent volume flow control by means of a precise pressure measuring device in the inlet nozzle of the fan impeller and a static pressure tapping point in the fan intake chamber. The pressure is recorded via an integrated pressure transmitter in the unit, while the volume flow is determined by precise differential pressure measurement and evaluated by the controller.

Our volumetric flow device is programmed at the factory via DDC control to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. With this advanced technology, you have full control over the airflow in your premises. Trust Menerga for innovative solutions that meet your requirements for precision and efficiency.

System control with our advanced switching and control equipment

Our recuperator units are supplied with a pre-assembled control cabinet containing all the control, regulation and drive components integrated in the unit. The control cabinet is attached to the unit and can be folded down for transport. It has terminals for the main power supply, the motor and the control lines, as well as main/repair switches for disconnecting the unit supply line, fuses and all necessary components for motor control, such as contactors and circuit breakers. A terminal strip for accepting external measuring and control signals is also provided. All potential-free contacts are suitable for 230 V / 2 A.

With our switching and control equipment, you have full control over your system. Rely on Menerga for innovative solutions that bring precision and efficiency to your air treatment processes.