Air handling unit with double plate heat exchanger and adiabatic evaporative coolingNX Adsolair Kitchen

NX Adsolair kitchen redefines ventilation standards for commercial kitchens

With NX Adsolair Kitchen, Menerga presents an innovative overall concept that raises the requirements for commercial kitchen ventilation to a new level. This system not only offers efficient supply air cooling due to the usage of indeirect evaporative cooling, but also provides best unit protection measures for long lasting operation within commercial kitchens or other applications with polluted extract air.

Ventilation and room temperature control

Our NX Adsolair for commercial kitchens offers an impressive air flow rate of 2,600 - 59,600 m³/h to ensure that your room is always optimally ventilated. These powerful units not only guarantee a continuous supply of fresh air, but also effective control of the room temperature.

High energy efficiency

Thanks to its innovative technology and individually adjustable performance parameters, the NX Adsolair air conditioner offers high energy efficiency. It minimises energy consumption by precisely adapting to the specific requirements of your environment. This means not only cost savings, but also a smaller ecological footprint.

Main functions

The NX Adsolair is a pioneering solution for commercial kitchens. This unit not only provides reliable ventilation and a smart integrated cleaning system of the heat exchanger, but also efficient cooling, optional dehumidification and innovative recycling of residual heat for building heating. With three layers of filtration pollutions in extract air like grease, oil, aerosols, dirt and odours are effectively removed. Experience unsurpassed cleanliness and efficiency in your commercial kitchen with Adsolair.

Close-up view NX Adsolair kitchen: Heat exchanger and cleaning system

Heat exchanger and cleaning system

Menerga has developed a cleaning system that reliably and fully automatically prevents and removes grease deposits on the inside of the heat exchanger. This is done by spraying a special cleaning fluid in the extract/exhaust air path of the heat exchanger, which dissolves all residues. The basis for this is the proven technology of adiabatic evaporative cooling. The heat exchangers are made of corrosionfree polypropylene plastic, which ensures long-term reliability. In contrast to conventional metal finned heat exchangers, the polypropylene plates offer optimum conditions for effectively removing pollutants from the kitchen extract air using biodegradable cold cleaning agents.

First filter

Activated carbon filter avoids odours

Second filter

Air filter

Third filter

Oil and grease cassette filter for coarse separation

Three layers of filtration for clean air

Challenges of kitchen extract air

In many commercial kitchens, the benefits of central air conditioning units are not fully utilised due to the high level of contamination in the extract air. Greasy aerosols often enter the system despite separation and filtering, which leads to considerable maintenance costs. Grease deposits can impair the function and clog the heat exchanger. Menerga has taken up this challenge and developed an innovative solution.

The solution

The three filter stages of the exhaust air installed in series largely separate grease, oil, aerosols, dirt, dust and odours. The grease collection tray placed under the filter stages is cleaned and drained via wash drains.

Innovative adiabatic cooling technology

Our adiabatic cooling system revolutionises air conditioning, by indirectly cooling the outside air through humidification of the extracted air over the entire air path through the heat exchanger. Without transferring humidity to the supply air, it offers maximum efficiency on cooling.

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Further information

Commercial kitchens brochure

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Find out more about our impressive NX Adsolair Commercial Kitchen in our brochure. This comprehensive resource provides detailed insights into our innovative ventilation system and how it is revolutionising commercial kitchens in terms of efficiency and air quality. Click here to download the brochure and get all the information you need.

Maximum adaptability

The NX Adsolair for commercial kitchens offers a wide range of included performance parameters and additional options, from wilde range of air volume flows to reversible chillers. This makes the air handling unit extremely adaptable and can be used in a variety of environments, for example laboratories, commercial kitchens or production facilities with contaminated exhaust air.

Air damper system for optimum air control

Discover Menerga's advanced air damper system for optimal air control. With four precise control dampers for exhaust air, outside air and bypasses, we enable exact fine regulation of air volumes. Thanks to high-quality materials and innovative technologies, we guarantee you maximum control over your indoor climate.

Optimum cooling at rising temperatures

The cooling solution includes an integrated control loop that reduces heat recovery when temperatures rise. This control loop acts on the plate heat exchanger bypass of extracted and fresh air. Enjoy maximum cooling performance, even on hot days.

Efficient cold recovery

The integrated differential temperature control automatically switches to cold recovery when free cooling is no longer sufficient. Benefit from this efficient technology that makes optimal use of surplus cold and improves your energy balance.

Heating sector

Our heating sector offers a first-class solution: An extendable air heater consisting of copper pipes with aluminium fins is supplied including a three way mixing valve with drive and frost protection thermostat. An optional heat meter keeps a close eye on energy requirements.

Integrated switching and control device

Menerga's air handling units are equipped with a fully wired switching and control device. The switch cabinet is already attached to the unit and can be folded down for transport. It contains terminals for the main power supply, motor and control lines as well as main/repair switches for disconnecting the unit supply line. In addition, fuses and all necessary components for motor control such as contactors and circuit breakers are included. A terminal strip also allows external measuring and control signals to be included. For smooth operation without additional effort!