Air handling units

Unlimited application possibilities: We create a good climate

Our expertise spans four different application areas where we ensure first-class air quality, efficiency and maximum comfort. Take a look at our extensive, customised product range and discover how Menerga can meet your specific requirements in these diverse areas.

Our air handling units for your application areas

Area of applications

Find out how we successfully implement a wide range of applications with our customised ventilation and air conditioning solutions. Our products are characterised by advanced technologies and are suitable for a wide range of buildings:

Areas of application for the menerga systems

Swimming pools

Demands on ventilation in swimming pools are high. The indoor climate must be comfortable, while continuous dehumidification will protect the building from moisture damage over time. Our products offer reliable, fullyautomated ventilation, dehumidification and heating as required – in the most conomical way.


Fish farms need to create precise and hygienic indoor climates for production halls, animals and staff. Humidity control is very important as bacteria can grow on damp surfaces. Our systems ventilate, dehumidify and heat the rooms fully automatically, always at the most economical operating point.

Low energy buildings

The passive house is one of the most energy-efficient forms of construction. A building standard that is energy-efficient,
comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly at the same

Waste water heat recovery

Here, no heat from process water & co. is lost uselessly. This has been an integral part of our product range for 40 years.

Private swimming pools

Nowadays, your own indoor swimming pool often offers the comfort of a wellness oasis and a fitness facility  in one. This makes a swimming hall a place of retreat to escape the stress of daily life. Especially in a private swimming hall, the main focus is on the feel-good factor.


Clean air and a pleasant temperature at the office make us feel and perform better. Menerga creates a good indoor climate and helps our customers to reduce their energy consumption. Our air handling units are, of course, Eurovent-certified. We also offer fire gas fans and exhaust fans, along with other system solutions to meet specific customer requirements.


On industrial premises, large areas need to be ventilated and heated or cooled. Our air handling units extract impure air and ensure that work areas and production processes are correctly temperature controlled. Our solutions help to create a healthy work environment, in turn creating the conditions for better productivity.

School and public environments

Public buildings, such as schools need customised ventilation systems. With our extensive product range, we can create an optimal solution that contributes to a healthy indoor climate in public areas and helps to keep children feeling well at school all day. 

Hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry

Hospitals are demanding environments in terms of requirements for purity and temperature of the air. The right ventilation system, combined with our products and solutions, creates an optimal indoor climate. The purity requirements are satisfied via hygienecertified units and high-efficiency filters.