Harness energy where it flowsAquaCond

Heat recovery from waste water

The main function of the AquaCond is to recover valuable heat energy that is often wasted when warm wastewater is fed into sewage systems. The AquaCond can handle waterflows from 1.2 - 5.4 m³/h.


Automatic heat exchanger cleaning

An integrated system that cleans the heat exchanger regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and impurities that could affect efficiency.

Optimised flow design

Constant pipe cross-sections in the waste water path ensure uniform flow velocities, minimise the build-up of dirt in the heat exchanger pipes and maintain high efficiency.

Heat pump system

The system contains a fully hermetic, suction gas-cooled refrigerant compressor in a heat pump configuration mounted on an anti-vibration platform.

Complete ready-to-use unit

The AquaCond is a stand-alone system that contains all the necessary components for heat recovery from wastewater and efficient heating of fresh water. It is equipped with control and regulation systems.

Wide range of applications

Suitable for various areas such as swimming pool showers, hospitals, residential facilities, laundries and industrial processes.

Additional options

Various customisable options are available, e.g. pre-filtration of waste water with coarse filters, safety heat exchanger design for further separation of fresh and waste water, bypass of the heat exchanger, version without heat pump and compatibility with immersion tank cooling.

The AquaCond is a groundbreaking innovation that shows how unused thermal energy from wastewater can be a sustainable source of efficient water heating. With its unique combination of heat recovery and heat pump technology, it paves the way for an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly future.

Elevating efficiency

Menerga AquaCond redefines heat recovery for sustainable water heating.

The AquaCond is an advanced heat recovery system designed to efficiently use thermal energy from warm wastewater to heat cold fresh water. This system innovatively combines a counterflow coaxial heat exchanger with a heat pump, presenting an all-in-one concept for heat recovery and water heating. It finds applications in various sectors, including swimming pool halls, hospitals, residential buildings, laundries and industrial processes.

Pressure monitoring for maximum safety

Our pressure monitoring device for safety heat exchangers offers you an advanced method for early detection of leaks in the exchanger. In the event of any deviation, the system immediately sends a message to your on-site fault device. Protect your system and minimise possible downtimes - contact us.

Water circulation with the water pump

We offer you the option of increasing the performance of your AquaCond system with additionally supplied water pumps. These pumps are installed on site and ensure efficient water circulation in your system. Increase the efficiency and performance of your system - contact us to find out more.

Recuperator bypass

Our AquaCond system offers you an innovative recuperator bypass function. When the waste water temperature is lower than the fresh water temperature, this function allows the system to operate exclusively as a heat pump. This smart adaptation ensures maximum efficiency and optimal use of available resources. Learn more about the versatile functions of our system.

Heat exchanger cleaning

Our heat exchanger cleaning revolutionises the process of cleaning dirty water-bearing heat exchanger surfaces. Thanks to our innovative technology with porous cleaning bodies, cleaning is carried out fully automatically and extremely effectively. Our solution ensures thorough removal of all waste water residues in the heat exchanger.

Key features of our heat exchanger cleaning:

  • Fully automated cleaning: Our technology enables full automation of the cleaning process, saving time and manpower.

  • Porous cleaning bodies: The use of specially developed porous cleaning bodies ensures gentle but thorough cleaning of heat exchanger surfaces without causing damage.

Factory test run

For highest quality: Each unit undergoes a documented test run before delivery. The control cabinet test is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 60204 and includes the assembly and wiring in the test field. Visual and leak checks of all installations guarantee your safety. In addition, a detailed test run and the setting of safety-relevant parameters are carried out. Our software and all control and regulation components are subject to a detailed function check. The pressure measurement report from the factory test run is included in the scope of delivery. We rely on the highest quality standards to meet your requirements.