Air handling unit from Menerga pioneers Plus-Energy building in Heidelberg

Comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate all year round in the PlusEnergy office building


IBVtikon, a renowned architectural firm, relied on Menerga's innovative technologies to optimise the indoor climate in its new company headquarters, a Energy-plus office building in Heidelberg. The Adconair ventilation unit from Menerga redefines the indoor climate: adiabatic outdoor air dehumidification in summer, energy-efficient counterflow heat transfer in winter - for an all-round cosy working and living climate all year round.

Adiabatic outdoor air dehumidification with sorption rotor

The Adconair ventilation unit's innovative sorption rotor has increased outdoor air dehumidification from 2.2 g/kg to an impressive 11.3 g/kg. This advanced technology enables efficient control of humidity in the building.

Supply air cooling through adiabatic cooling

The Adconair ventilation unit's adiabatic cooling reduces the supply air temperature from 34 °C to a comfortable 20.4 °C. This method of supply air cooling ensures a comfortable indoor climate, especially in the warmer months.

Efficient counterflow heat transfer with adiabatic supply air humidification in winter

In winter operation, the Adconair ventilation unit impresses with its efficient counterflow heat transfer. This results in adiabatic supply air humidification, which ensures a cosy indoor climate in the colder months.

Dismantling on site

Despite spatial challenges, the Adconair ventilation unit was successfully dismantled and installed on site. This adaptability enabled the system to be optimally integrated into the conditions of the IBVtikon building.

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Air volume flow

5.840 m³/h

Revolutionary room climate control

Adconair ventilation unit from Menerga

The Menerga solution used, the Adconair ventilation unit, is characterised by advanced adiabatic technology with sorptive outdoor air dehumidification.

This enables a complete air conditioning system with refrigerant-free, thermally driven outdoor air dehumidification and indirect adiabatic supply air cooling in summer. In winter, highly efficient counterflow heat transfer with adiabatic supply air dehumidification ensures a cosy indoor climate.

The aim was clearly to make us energy self-sufficient with the help of energy technology and we have achieved this. We have a solar-powered geothermal system in combination with an adiabatic ventilation system. Our office building literally has a very good climate.

Dietmar Defièbre
Dietmar Defièbre
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) | Owner IBV Defièbre Stefan Beratende Ingenieure PartG mbB

Architecture meets future design

Basic information

Key data on the customer

IBVtikon has been based in the energy-efficient plus-energy building in Heidelberg since 2020. The location in Heidelberg's Kirchheim district not only offers an ideal location close to the South Sports Centre and the Bahnstadt district, but also modern office facilities.

Innovative working in an energy-plus building

On two and a half floors, we offer our 50-strong team spacious CAD workstations, conference rooms with video conferencing equipment, a kitchen with seating, an open-plan atrium and an inviting social room. IBVtikon not only emphasises architecture, but also the working environment.

Impressions of the Energy-plus office building

There was no alternative to Menerga on the market for our energy efficiency requirements. Another factor is the fast, digital exchange - Menerga can read out the devices via remote maintenance and supports us immediately if required.

Dietmar Defièbre
Dietmar Defièbre
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) | Owner IBV Defièbre Stefan Beratende Ingenieure PartG mbB

With this project, IBVtikon not only implemented innovative technologies, but also successfully mastered the challenges on site to create an optimal indoor climate for its employees. The Adconair ventilation unit from Menerga played a central role in this.

NX Adconair, Maximum efficiency, environmental awareness and a healthy indoor climate
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Maximum efficiency, environmental awareness and a healthy indoor climate