TX ThermoCond series for private and hotel swimming poolsTX ThermoCond Series

It revolutionises energy efficiency and expands the application possibilities for private and small swimming pools. The series sets new standards not only in improving air circulation in the wellness area, but also in optimising operating processes.

TX ThermoCond Series
TX ThermoCond
TX ThermoCond
Introducing compact excellence: Menerga's TX unit for private pools

The TX ThermoCond system is the ideal solution for efficient ventilation, heating and dehumidification of small swimming areas and wellness oases. With its remarkable energy efficiency, this innovative system not only enables sustainable operation, but also creates a perfect indoor climate in which you can swim, relax and enjoy your time without any worries.

  • TX ThermoCond can handle airflows from 740 - 2,330 m³/h

  • Cross-counterflow plate heat exchangers made of microbiologically non-metabolisable polypropylene achieve the highest heat recovery rates

TX ThermoCond HP
TX ThermoCond HP
Innovative solutions for an exceptional indoor swimming pool experience

Menerga's TX ThermoCond HP with integrated heat pump offers customised technology to make private pool halls the perfect space for comfort and relaxation. Experience the fusion of efficiency and aesthetics for an inspiring ambience.

  • TX ThermoCond can handle airflows from 1,040- 3,310 m³/h

  • Cross-counterflow plate heat exchangers made of microbiologically non-metabolisable polypropylene we achieve the highest heat recovery rates

Inspection and maintenance

The design allows easy access to all reachable surfaces through large inspection doors. This simplifies inspection and maintenance. The design and materials of the components have been selected so that the interior and function of the ventilation unit are easy to clean. To facilitate maintenance in small technical rooms, the doors can be easily removed.

Simple control and cloud connectivity

Menerga's control system makes it easy to connect, configure and control TX products and manage multiple units via a cloud service.

Menerga TX ThermoCond series: Easy maintenance and intelligent control



50 mm thick, self-supporting casing

Mineral fibre insulation

The mineral fibre insulation provides very good sound insulation and at the same time reduces heat transfer, which eliminates condensation on enclosure parts.

Frame constructions

Profiled frame constructions made of galvanised and powder-coated sheet steel, without open cut edges

Control cabinet

All Menerga solutions have a control cabinet and an integrated control concept

Easy and compact.

That's the essence of the TX casing!

Thanks to the ingenious frameless design, Menerga's TX casing air handling units are extremely compact and take up very little space.

Upgrade your swimming pool environment with Menerga's cutting-edge TX casing, where energy efficiency meets operational convenience. Experience the future of air handling units today.