Air handling unit with highly efficient regenerative heat storage packagesNX Resolair

Setting the standard for energy efficiency in offices, museums and Passive House applications

The NX Resolair from Menerga bears the passive house seal for maximum energy efficiency and sustainable design. This makes the innovative ventilation unit not only a solution for zero-energy houses, but also an investment in a greener future.

Air volume flow

With an impressive air volume flow of 3,900 to 51,000 m³/h, this air handling unit is ideal for warehouses, production halls and exhibition halls where control of the air volume flow is crucial.

Extensive options for optimal performance

NX Resolair offers various options such as recirculation heating flap, low-pressure hot water heating coil and sound insulation. The integration of a power-controlled cooling system enables additional cooling if required.

Flexible configuration and integrated functions

Thanks to its modular design, Resolair offers remarkable flexibility. It can be adapted to specific requirements and allows individually controllable performance parameters. The unit contains two heat packs with highly sensitive accumulator mass and operates with an intelligent damper system controlled by electric motors and dynamic mechanisms.

Highly efficient technology

NX Resolair conditions medium to large air volumes and eliminates the need for an external heat supply, thanks to its amazing heat recovery capabilities. Its regenerative heat recovery system enables a temperature efficiency of over 90 %. With sliding changeover cycles, the unit adapts to outdoor temperatures and offers maximum efficiency.

Trust in sustainability and efficiency

With NX Resolair, Menerga's Passive House certified air handling unit, you are not only investing in the future of your business, but also in the health of our planet. Join companies around the world that choose sustainable, energy-efficient solutions.

Two-stage supply air filtration

Energy-saving EC fans

Corrosion-free accumulators made from polypropylene

For heat and cooling recovery

Humidity recovery up to 70 %

Optimised control for efficient systems

Our switching and control equipment ensures that your ventilation system runs smoothly. The control cabinet is pre-wired and contains all control, regulation and drive components of the unit. It is attached to the unit and can be folded down for transport.

Precise volume flow control for maximum efficiency

Our volumetric flow unit offers precise load-dependent volumetric flow control for optimum room air quality. Equipped with an integrated pressure measuring device and a controller, it ensures efficient ventilation. Factory DDC control makes integration into your system simple and straightforward.

Precise pressure monitoring for efficient ventilation systems

Our differential pressure transmitter is the key component for efficient ventilation. It records the differential pressure between supply air and extract air fans as well as the pressure difference between extract air and fresh air filters.