The power of retrofit innovations

Retrofitting proves that innovation does not necessarily require new appliances, but can be achieved through clever upgrades. This not only increases the functionality and performance of existing systems, but also minimises the ecological footprint compared to the production of new devices. Discover with us the world of retrofitting, where smart upgrades shape a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Make profit in renovating your unit and save up to 60 % energy costs.

Efficient retrofitting with Menerga Service

Comprehensive system optimisation

Retrofitting or renovating an existing unit offers the customer an opportunity to save on operational costs as well as postpone major capital expenditures. Menerga Service can offer complete retrofit including renewal of all door-side and roof panels, coils, electric motors, fans as well as controls. When retrofitting the electric motor and fan assembly, you will also benefit from an increase in energy efficiency. Our expert can calculate for you what the ROI of such a retrofit will be. Our experiences over the past years indicate an ROI of 2½ years or even lower.