Adiabatic cooling

Sustainable cooling for a greener future

Cooling with water

Menerga's adiabatic cooling is an advanced technology harnessing natural evaporation to achieve efficient and eco-friendly cooling. Water is evaporated into the ambient air, resulting in its cooling. This chilled air is then directed into indoor spaces, leading to a pleasant temperature reduction. Adiabatic cooling enables significant energy savings by eliminating conventional refrigerants and optimizing the use of ambient air. It offers a sustainable solution for maintaining cool indoor environments, particularly in hot climates.

Unlocking efficiency and sustainability

Menerga's adiabatic cooling solutions

Counterflow heat recovery

Our Adconair heat recovery unit sets the highest standards with the counterflow plate heat exchanger and achieves the highest energy efficiency classes.

Multiple application possibilities

The Adconair WRG is available in different versions.

Save energy and operating costs

Embrace sustainability

From an economic standpoint as well, adiabatic systems pay off for the system owner. Low power consumption reduces operating costs. Furthermore, the elimination of the compression refrigeration system, means a reduction in maintenance and regular leakage tests (as required under F-Gas regulations).

Adiabatic cooling - Innovative air conditioning for your projects

Experience the future of air treatment with Menerga's adiabatic cooling technology

Efficient and sustainable

At Menerga we use the principle of adiabatic evaporative cooling in our ventilation systems. Depending on the specific requirements, we offer different types of evaporative cooling techniques:

Adiabatic recooling

Adiabatic recooling is often used in conjunction with heat removal or heat recovery. It utilises the evaporation effect to remove heat from a medium. Evaporation removes heat and cools the medium. This is particularly efficient when cooling water is required for processes or equipment.

Direct adiabatic evaporative cooling

With this technology, the evaporative cooling effect comes into direct contact with the air. Water is sprayed into the air, causing evaporation and cooling the air. This cooled air is then channelled into the room. Direct adiabatic evaporative cooling is well suited for applications where an increase in room humidity is acceptable.

Indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling

This technology uses the evaporation effect to cool the air, but without direct contact between the air and the cooling medium. In an indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling system, the warm air is channelled through a heat exchanger that is in contact with a moist medium. The medium cools the air without moisture entering the air flow at the same time. The cooled air is then channelled into the room. This enables efficient cooling without increasing the humidity in the room.

Combinations of evaporative cooling methods

In addition, we can also explore combinations of these evaporative cooling methods. Working closely with you, your architects and engineers, we specialise in identifying the most suitable adiabatic cooling approach and the perfect Menerga adiabatic system for your individual application.

Green and efficient

These technologies offer environmentally friendly and energy-efficient options for cooling and air conditioning buildings and processes. They are versatile and help reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Adiabatic variants

Menerga Adconair
All variants at a glanceDescriptionSupply air temperatureOutdoor air dehumidificationExtract of sensitive loads (heat)Extract of latent loads (humidity)
Adiabatic Integrated evaporative cooling20 °C-++
AdiabaticzeroGWPHybrid evaporative cooling18 °C-++++
AdiabaticDXcarbonfree thermally driven Integrated adsorption process on the basis of water< 18 °Cup to 4 g/kg++++++

Effective evaporative cooling for maximum energy efficiency

Adconair Adiabatic

Find out how this technology enables effective evaporative cooling while offering maximum energy efficiency.

More information about Adconair

Evaporative cooling system

Immerse yourself in the world of evaporative cooling with Adconair Adiabatic. The adiabatic cooling efficiency (ΦAdi) exceeds 90 %, which means that you can benefit from extremely efficient cooling. This method minimises additional air-side pressure losses, for example from honeycomb humidifiers, and thus ensures energy-saving operation.

Low water consumption

Find out how the minimum water consumption of around 2.2 liters per person per day is achieved at the height of summer. The recirculating water system ensures sustainable use of water resources, while at the same time reducing the DX cooling capacity by up to 70 %.

Environmental friendliness and funding opportunities

Discover the ecological benefits of the Adconair Adiabatic system. In addition to low water consumption and low power consumption during operation, the system is eligible for subsidies from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). An environmentally friendly solution for energy-efficient cooling.

All-year use

Find out how Adconair Adiabatic as a reversible system can also function as a heating system in winter operation. This enables year-round utilisation of the installed refrigeration technology and increases the efficiency of your system.

Sustainable cooling technology without HFCs for maximum environmental friendliness


Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP, our solution for environmentally friendly cooling.Find out how this technology offers a sustainable alternative by avoiding HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) while ensuring maximum efficiency.

More information about Adconair

Zero GWP thanks to hybrid supply air cooling

Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP proves that effective cooling is also possible without the use of compression refrigeration systems. The system combines indirect, adiabatic evaporative cooling with dew point cooling - an innovative method that efficiently dissipates high sensitive loads and guarantees constantly low supply air temperatures without the use of HFCs.

High adiabatic cooling efficiency

With an adiabatic cooling efficiency of over 115 % (based on the wet bulb temperature of the exhaust air), Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP sets new standards in terms of efficiency. This enables extremely effective cooling with minimal water consumption of approx 3.6 liters per kilowatt hour.

Environmental friendliness and funding opportunities

Find out more about the environmentally friendly aspects of Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP. The use of water as a refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 0 eliminates the need for HFCs. The system is eligible for subsidies from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

Climate-neutral and award-winning

Find out why Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP was recognised as a climate-neutral cooling technology. The system took first place in the "Energy-efficient refrigeration and air conditioning systems with indirect cooling" category at the sixth edition of the German Refrigeration Award. A confirmation of its high efficiency and contribution to environmental protection.

Efficient cooling through sensible waste heat utilisation

Thermally driven AdconairDXcarbonfree

Discover the innovation of the thermally driven AdconairDXcarbonfree - a solution that not only enables effective cooling, but also intelligently uses waste heat to minimise energy consumption.

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Carbonfree: Waste heat utilisation without electrical energy

The AdconairDXcarbonfree is based on the principles of waste heat utilisation and works completely without electrical energy. The adiabatic evaporative cooling is supported by a closed adsorption refrigeration circuit that is operated with an F-gas-free refrigerant.

Sustainable energy sources

The thermally driven AdconairDXcarbonfree utilises heat sources from around 55 °C upwards. These include, for example, solar thermal energy, district heating or waste heat from CHP units. By using these sustainable energy sources, you minimise energy consumption and actively contribute to environmental protection.

Efficient refrigeration circuit

This has a closed adsorption refrigeration circuit that is integrated into the air handling unit and provides the cooling. Thanks to this innovative process, the AdconairDXcarbonfree achieves very low recooling temperatures even at the height of summer, resulting in a high cooling capacity.

Environmental friendliness of water

The refrigerant water used is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional refrigerants. With a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 0 and no direct global warming potential, water is not only effective, but also safe and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning technology: Adconair solutions from Menerga not only offer efficient and sustainable air conditioning technology, but also actively contribute to protecting the environment. With a wide range of applications and innovative technologies, we ensure that you benefit from advanced and future-oriented solutions.