Introducing the ultimate climate control solution for private swimming hallsThermoCond 23

Perfect for private homes, spas, and municipal swimming pools

The ThermoCond 23 is an all-in-one system that combines heating, dehumidification and ventilation in one compact unit. With a focus on efficiency, comfort and adaptability, it contributes to a premium indoor pool experience.

  • Air volume flow: 1,510 – 4,725 m³/h

  • Complete unit includes all components for heating, dehumidification and ventilation of a small swimming pool hall

Optimum room climate

The ThermoCond ensures an ideal room climate with precise temperature and humidity control. This creates a comfortable and healthy environment in which you can feel completely at ease.

Efficient dehumidification

With its advanced heat exchanger system in cross-counterflow cross design, the unit can recover over 90 % of the heat from the extract air. This enables extremely efficient dehumidification while contributing to energy savings.

Compact all-in-one design

The ThermoCond 23 combines heating, dehumidification and ventilation in a single, compact unit. This not only saves space, but also simplifies installation and maintenance.


With the ability to customise performance parameters, you can set the system according to your personal preferences. This way, you enjoy a customised climate that perfectly suits your needs.

Overall, the ThermoCond offers an unbeatable combination of comfort, efficiency and innovative technology to take the indoor swimming pool experience to a new level.


Discover our closed interior insulation frames made of first-class sheet steel. With a galvanised cover (22 mm), plastic-coated in 1A Color (RAL 2004), we offer aesthetics and quality in one. Our double-shell sandwich construction with insulation and thermal-bridge-free quick-release fasteners fulfils architectural visions. We understand the importance of details: double lip seals, connection frames (20 mm) for flexible installation and first-class classifications according to DIN EN 1886 by TüV Nord.

High-performance air filters

According to VDI 6022 and ISO 16890 standards

  • Effective high-performance filtration thanks to advanced panel filter cells

  • High filtration efficiency according to the stringent ISO ePM1 55 % or ISO ePM10 70 % standards

  • Reliable operation even at elevated humidity (up to 100 %)

  • Self-sealing rubber lips that ensure optimum sealing

Triple recuperator unit

The triple recuperator unit offers advanced heat recovery with three plate heat exchangers made of acid- and alkali-resistant polypropylene. This unit achieves high heat recovery coefficients and is highly resistant to corrosion and ageing. It optimises heat exchange for building air conditioning and ensures efficient heat transfer over the entire unit depth. This is a robust solution for sustainable heat utilisation in demanding environments.

Heating coil

In the heating coil, the extractable air heater offers outstanding features. It consists of copper pipes with aluminium fins pressed on. The water connections are located on the front side of the unit. In addition, a 3-way mixing valve with drive and frost protection thermostat is supplied. This valve and the connection pipes are enclosed separately for easy on-site installation. This air heater is an efficient solution with high adaptability for heating applications.

Control and regulation unit

Ultimate control: our switching and control equipment redefines efficiency. A pre-wired control cabinet contains all control, regulation and drive components, perfectly matched to your unit. From terminals for the main power supply to motor and control cables, main/repair switches and motor control components - everything is precisely integrated. Our electronic control system sets new standards in programming freedom. With an object-oriented Graphic Editor and the option for expansion via peripheral bus with local or remote I/O expansion modules, you retain full control. Thanks to potential-free contacts suitable for 230 V / 2 A, we offer a flexible control solution that adapts perfectly to your needs. The control cabinet is mounted on the unit and foldable for transport or possible for wall mounting with 15 metre cable length.

Factory test run

For highest quality: Each unit undergoes a documented test run before delivery. The control cabinet test is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 60204 and includes the assembly and wiring in the test field. Visual and leak checks of all installations guarantee your safety. In addition, a detailed test run and the setting of safety-relevant parameters are carried out. Our software and all control and regulation components are subject to a detailed function check. The pressure measurement report from the factory test run is included in the scope of delivery. We rely on the highest quality standards to meet your requirements.