Freshly farmed shrimps - masterful climate control for optimum growing conditions

Ventilation solutions that efficiently handle high humidity and fulfil strict hygiene requirements

SwissShrimp Rheinfelden

The air conditioning of the production halls for the Swissshrimps farm presents a unique challenge that was solved with the utmost precision. The conditions are comparable to a public indoor swimming pool, but require additional adjustments for optimum shrimp breeding conditions.

Efficient ventilation systems

Two ThermoCond units installed on the roof, each with an air volume of 25,000 m³/h, and a Frecolair unit with 1,500 m³/h for the ventilation process ensure efficient air conditioning.

Precise climate control and corrosion protection at the Swissshrimps farm

At room temperatures of around 30 °C, water temperatures of 28 °C and a room humidity of around 60 %, the rearing tank is operated with saline water, equivalent to seawater. This required increased corrosion protection equipment for the systems.

Sustainable farming and modern climate control with Menerga technologies


At the Swissshrimps farm, the company relies on sustainable practices and modern climate control technologies from Menerga. The shrimps are bred locally and in an environmentally friendly way. In a closed saltwater recirculation system, the postlarvae grow into healthy, adult Swissshrimps in just 120 days.

Efficient transport of NX ThermoCond during the construction phase

Outdoor installation

The smooth construction phase is crucial to the success of a project, and the careful delivery of key equipment plays a crucial role in this. Recently, both the NXThermoCond and another system were successfully transported to the construction project.

Precise coordination enabled a smooth process during the delivery, which utilised state-of-the-art technology.

The NX ThermoCond not only guarantees top performance in heat transfer, but also flexible integration. The use of a lorry and a crane enabled efficient and safe installation on the roof of the farm. This not only ensures optimum performance, but also an aesthetically pleasing placement.

Expert installation for maximum efficiency

Indoor installation

The second unit was transported to the building's plant room using a forklift truck. Particular attention was paid to careful handling to ensure that the unit retained its performance intact.

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NX ThermoCond Aquaculture, Tailored for the unique needs of aquaculture environments
NX ThermoCond Aquaculture
Tailored for the unique needs of aquaculture environments