Ventilation and dehumidification solutions for land-based aquaculture

Optimal environment for sustainable growth

Our customised solutions ensure sustainable production by providing precise air quality. Our ventilation systems optimise the oxygen supply, promote the health of those present and minimise the risk of illness. Our focus on people and sustainability reflects our expertise in land-based aquaculture and ensures successful productions.

Creating ideal aquaculture environments

Menerga's comprehensive solutions for land-based aquaculture

Benefits of the right air handling unit

Temperature control

Ventilation systems help to maintain a constant temperature. This is particularly important as fish can react very sensitively to temperature fluctuations. A stable temperature promotes the well-being and growth of the fish.

Protect building fabric

Excessive humidity can lead to problems such as mould growth, which can have a negative impact on the health of the fish. Our systems prevent high humidity in the factory hall.

Protection of employees

Filtering of the air so that chemical components are filtered out and the respiratory tract of the employees is not burdened.

Lower maintenance

The use of our polypropylene heat exchanger, provides extra corrosion protection, contributing to a longer service life. Polypropylene has a high resistance to many types of acids, alkalis, salts and solvents.

Innovative air handling solutions for hygienic air in aquaculture facilities

System overview

In aquaculture, a precise and hygienic indoor climate is essential for the production halls, animals and staff. Humidity control plays a central role here, as otherwise bacteria can form on damp surfaces. At Menerga, you will find the right systems for efficient air treatment and purification in aquaculture facilities:

NX ThermoCond Aquaculture
Tailored for the unique needs of aquaculture environments

Our decades of experience in the field of air treatment in indoor swimming pools enable us to offer a customised solution for the specific requirements of aquaculture. The NX ThermoCond unit has been developed to integrate all the necessary components for optimum heating, dehumidification and ventilation of aquaculture buildings.

  • NX ThermoCond can handle maximum airflows from 3,300 - 37,000 m³/h

  • Corrosion-free counterflow plate heat exchanger made from polypropylene

Precision dehumidification redefined for aquaculture and food production environments

Menerga offers cutting-edge solutions featuring the Drysolair system, designed specifically to eliminate high levels of moisture within buildings. By precooling the air in the recuperator before dehumidification, our unit operates with significantly lower compressor power compared to traditional heat pump systems. This innovation ensures an optimal climate in environments like ice rinks and proves valuable for building drying or industrial processes.

Air volume flow: 1,000 – 6,000 m³/h

Optimise your aquaculture

Customised ventilation solutions


Ventilation units should be sized according to the size of the fish farm and the number of fish kept. Calculation of the required ventilation capacity is done in consultation with our sales engineers.

Expertise and service

At Menerga, we rely on comprehensive expertise and outstanding customer service. Our team of experienced professionals offers you personalised advice and support at all stages of your project - from planning to maintenance.

Rely on our expertise to find the perfect ventilation solution for your aquaculture.

Optimum environmental quality for aquaculture

The advantages of Menerga ventilation systems

Energy efficiency

Selecting energy-efficient appliances and optimising operating times are key to minimising energy consumption. Our solutions help to reduce both operating costs and environmental impact. This reflects our commitment to sustainability and efficient production in aquaculture.

Close-up view NX ThermoCond: Heat exchanger

Robust corrosion protection combined with energy efficiency

Innovative heat exchanger technology

Our heat exchangers are made from the highly resistant plastic polypropylene (PP). This material is characterised by its resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, salts and solvents, which makes it particularly resistant to ageing. It is also resistant to oxidation, rust formation and other typical signs of corrosion. This makes our heat exchanger ideal for use in buildings with high humidity.

10 years in the field of aquaculture


We are the market and innovation leader in the field of indoor swimming pool ventilation. For 10 years we have been setting standards in the ventilation of land-based fish farms, so we know exactly what is important.

Our systems ventilate, dehumidify and heat the rooms fully automatically, always at the most economical operating point. Fish farms need to create precise and hygienic indoor climates for production halls, animals and staff. Humidity control is very important as bacteria can grow on damp surfaces.

It is important to choose energy-efficient equipment and optimise operating times to minimise energy consumption. Our solutions can reduce both operating costs and environmental impact.

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