Private swimming poolsTX ThermoCond

Introducing compact excellence: Menerga's TX unit for private pools

The TX ThermoCond system is the ideal solution for efficient ventilation, heating and dehumidification of small swimming areas and wellness oases. With its remarkable energy efficiency, this innovative system not only enables sustainable operation, but also creates a perfect indoor climate in which you can swim, relax and enjoy your time without any worries.

  • TX ThermoCond can handle airflows from 740 - 2,330 m³/h

  • Cross-counterflow plate heat exchangers made of microbiologically non-metabolisable polypropylene achieve the highest heat recovery rates


Ultimate indoor climate control

The TX ThermoCond offers a comprehensive solution to perfect the indoor climate in private swimming pool halls. Thanks to innovative humidification, ventilation and air conditioning technology, you can control the temperature, humidity and air quality according to your wishes. Enjoy a pleasant and healthy swimming experience in every season.

Efficient energy use

With the TX ThermoCond you benefit from first-class energy efficiency. Thanks to the intelligent control of the technology, you achieve maximum performance with low energy consumption, which not only reduces operating costs but also protects the environment.

Tailor-made design

Design your private pool hall entirely according to your aesthetic ideas. The TX ThermoCond seamlessly blends technology and design to create a harmonious atmosphere. Thanks to flexible customisation options, you can integrate the unit perfectly into your architectural concept to create a unique ambience.

Comfort and relaxation

Create an oasis of relaxation in your private swimming pool hall. The TX ThermoCond provides ideal conditions for swimming, relaxing or recreating in your pool. With precise control of temperature and humidity, you can enjoy your time in the water undisturbed and feel completely at ease.

Creating a comfortable indoor climate

Knowledge in a nutshell

The TX ThermoCond units dehumidify and heat the swimming pool hall, any possible concentration of pollutants in the air is minimised. TX ThermoCond is suitable for Swimming pools with low heating requirements.

Area of application: Private wellness area, home spa, hotel swimming pool and many more


Our casing meets the standards VDI 3803, EN 13053, EN 16798-3 and EN 1886. Made of double-shell aluzinc sheet metal, it is insulated on all sides with insulating material to ensure heat and sound insulation. High-quality panels: Our panel thickness is 50 mm.


Our air filtration meets the standards of VDI 6022 and ISO 16890. With maximum efficiency, we ensure that your air is clean.

Maximum performance: Our compact filter units offer high performance panel filter cells, grade separation and CE 1935/2004 food compatibility tests. They are suitable for up to 100 % relative humidity and feature self-sealing rubber lips for a secure housing connection.

Rely on our air filtration for fresh and clean air quality.


The panel colour is 1A Colour, based on RAL 2004. With rockwool as insulation material, our panels meet the highest requirements according to DIN EN 1886.


The two inspection openings allow the front to be fully opened for maintenance and cleaning.

Factory test run

Each unit undergoes a documented test run before delivery. The control cabinet test is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 60204 and includes the assembly and wiring in the test field. Visual and leak checks of all installations guarantee your safety. In addition, a detailed test run and the setting of safety-relevant parameters are carried out. Our software and all control and regulation components are subject to a detailed function check. The pressure measurement report from the factory test run is included in the scope of delivery. We rely on the highest quality standards to meet your requirements.

Heating coil

Our extendable heating coil sets new standards. Made of Cu tubes with pressed-on aluminium fins, we offer the highest performance.

Precise control: Our circulation pump control with fuse outlet for 1/N/PE 230 V 50 Hz ensures reliable control. Electronically controlled pumps benefit from the continuous voltage. The pump is enabled via a potential-free signal and we provide an input for the potential-free signal "pump fault".