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Heating, ventilating and dehumidifying in small indoor swimming pools

We are your experts for private swimming pool air conditioning

Do you dream of having a private indoor swimming pool as a personal retreat within your own home? At Menerga, we can help make this dream a reality for you. Our high-quality air handling units (AHUs) can meet your needs, whether it's for your home, your family. We, as a respected manufacturer of air ventilation solutions for private swimming pools, offer customised options that combine technical excellence and financial flexibility.

Elevate comfort and health with Menerga's premium ventilation solutions

Benefit from Menerga

Energy efficiency and comfort combined

Menerga introduces a new era of energy-efficient private pool ventilation. Our innovative technologies incorporate heat recovery, ensuring incoming fresh air matches the temperature of the outgoing air. This equilibrium not only conserves energy but also maintains a consistent indoor climate. Indulge in a comfortable swimming environment all year round, courtesy of Menerga's solutions that enhance sustainability and comfort.

Improved air quality and health

Elevate your private pool experience with Menerga's top-notch ventilation systems. Our advanced solutions ensure a continuous flow of fresh air, effectively minimizing harmful fumes, chlorine residuals and excess humidity. Enjoy optimal air quality that enhances swimmers' well-being and reduces the risk of respiratory irritations and allergies.

Innovative climate solutions for optimal comfort and energy efficiency

Our solutions

Enjoy durability and efficiency as our technology adjusts to meet the specific needs of your private pool. Learn about Menerga's dedication to developing climate solutions that improve comfort, reduce energy consumption. Here you will find the right system for private and hotel swimming pools:

TX ThermoCond Series
TX ThermoCond series for private and hotel swimming pools
TX ThermoCond
TX ThermoCond HP
ThermoCond 23
Perfect for private homes, spas, and municipal swimming pools

Menerga: Your partner

Perfect climate and air quality

In private indoor swimming pools, the feel-good factor is crucial. Our specialised solutions focus on just that: Your personal oasis where you can escape the stress of everyday life. We design the an indoor climate so that your indoor swimming pool is not only a place for training, but also for relaxation.

Find out how we can transform your project into an exclusive wellness oasis. Contact us today and experience the difference our air handling units bring.

Why Menerga is the eco-friendly option

Green solutions for your private pool

Analysis and customisation: Your private pool in focus

At Menerga, we design our climate technology to consider all these aspects and more. Our initial assessment includes a meticulous analysis of the individual characteristics of your pool. We work closely with your technician or architect to design a custom climate solution for your private pool. We consider factors such as downtime, water volumes, and other aspects specific to your pool during our planning process.

Ensuring efficiency for indoor Pools: Cost benefits enabled by smart standby mode

Our solutions offer cost advantages to operators of private indoor pools. Our systems have an efficient standby mode with dehumidification, which reduces power usage during long idle periods. This helps minimize energy costs. In addition, our systems have specialized features for private settings, ensuring long-lasting durability and high performance even with sustained high-demand operations.

High-quality HVAC systems catering to your unique needs

Elevating comfort

Our air conditioning technology sets new standards, which are significantly different from conventional dehumidification and air conditioning systems used for public swimming pools. This is the result of a precise adaptation to the unique conditions of your private pool. We incorporate factors such as usage interval, water volume, location, costs and space availability into our planning to provide you with the most optimal solution.

Technical Catalogue by Menerga

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of swimming pool air-conditioning with our brand new Menerga product catalogue. Discover a wide range of innovative solutions that will turn your swimming pool into a place of relaxation and well-being.

TX ThermoCond
Introducing compact excellence: Menerga's TX unit for private pools
TX ThermoCond HP
Innovative solutions for an exceptional indoor swimming pool experience
ThermoCond 23
Perfect for private homes, spas, and municipal swimming pools