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Since 1980, we at Menerga have been using our extensive know-how to provide you with optimal swimming pool solutions. Our wealth of experience guarantees you not only first-class dehumidification, but also a perfect feel-good climate and precise temperatures. We achieve all this at minimal cost and with a fast return on investment.

Comparison table of our NX series

System overview

When it comes to creating the perfect environment for indoor public swimming pools, Menerga is a trusted name in the industry. Our extensive product range covers different types of indoor swimming pools and ensures optimal air quality, temperature control and energy efficiency.

Optimum flow rate
Optimum flow rate
2.730 - 22.270 m³/h2.730 - 22.270 m³/h
3.300 - 27.500 m³/h4.200 - 37.100 m³/h
Heat recovery efficiency acc. EN 308
Heat recovery efficiency acc. EN 308
75 - 81 %52 - 64 %
Public swimming pool
Public swimming pool
Heat pump
Heat pump

Experience elevated comfort with our swimming pool air ventilation solutions

Maximum energy efficiency

Our innovative air conditioning and ventilation systems are specifically designed to minimise energy consumption without sacrificing performance. We use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure precise control of room temperature and air quality. The result? A pleasant swimming pool climate with minimal energy consumption.

Customised advice

Our customised solutions allow you to optimally design your swimming pool climate. We take into account factors such as the size of your pool, the number of visitors, local climatic conditions and your budget requirements. The result is a system that is perfectly tailored to your requirements while providing maximum efficiency and comfort.

Superior air quality

Our modern air conditioning and ventilation systems are designed to ensure that the air in your swimming pool is always fresh and of the highest quality. We use advanced technologies to efficiently remove pollutants, moisture and unpleasant odours. The result is an atmosphere that makes your guests feel comfortable and healthy.

Easy to control

Ease of control is a crucial factor when it comes to running your public swimming pool efficiently and comfortably. At Menerga, we understand the importance of intuitive and user-friendly controls that allow you to effortlessly manage your pool climate.

Economical operation

As a responsible company, we prioritize high energy efficiency and cost-effective operations. Our air ventilation systems are designed to minimize energy consumption while delivering top-notch performance.

By reducing operational costs, we contribute to strengthening your long-term profitability and promoting sustainability.

The key elements of effective swimming pool air handling

Optimise your pool experience

A well-functioning swimming pool air conditioning is crucial to ensuring a pleasant and comfortable bathing experience for visitors and pool staff alike. Several factors need to be considered, such as maintaining appropriate room temperature, air quality, preventing condensation, and efficient energy use.

Comfortable climate

A pleasant and cosy atmosphere is crucial for a positive bathing experience. Our swimming pool air conditioning ensures optimal room conditions, offering the highest comfort to both visitors and pool staff. A perfectly temperature-controlled and well-ventilated swimming hall creates an inviting environment where guests can relax and fully enjoy swimming.

Adapting the climate to visitor numbers

Fluctuating visitor numbers require a flexible air conditioning solution. Our intelligent control technology automatically adjusts the climate based on the number of bathers, ensuring an optimal room climate at all times. Whether during peak hours or low occupancy - Menerga ensures that your swimming hall always meets the ideal climate conditions.

Hygienic indoor air

Hygiene is paramount in swimming halls. Our sophisticated ventilation and filtration technologies ensure a constant supply of fresh and clean air. Harmful particles and vapors are efficiently removed, ensuring a healthy indoor air quality. With Menerga, you can provide your guests and employees with the highest level of hygienic safety.

Protecting the building from moisture damage

The high humidity levels in swimming halls can lead to moisture damage on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Our advanced dehumidification systems minimize condensation, thus protecting the building structure from moisture-related damage and mold formation. With Menerga, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your swimming hall and avoid costly repair expenses.

Air treatment of adjoining rooms

All-in-one for your requirements

Our comprehensive air conditioning concept not only covers the swimming hall but also takes into account adjoining rooms. We ensure optimal air conditioning, heating, and dehumidification to maintain a consistently pleasant indoor climate throughout the facility.

Entrance area

Say goodbye to unpleasant chlorine odor and stuffy heat! Our innovative climate technology ensures a fresh and inviting atmosphere with a recommended room temperature of at least 20 °C.

Wellness area

Our goal is to provide comfortable air temperatures ranging from an average of 26 °C to 30 °C as you relax in light clothing – all within a dry and comfortable indoor environment.

Changing rooms

The changing rooms are the first step towards a relaxed bathing experience. Whether visitors are lightly dressed or changing completely, our facilities maintain the air temperature in this area between 22 °C and 28 °C, ensuring visitors neither freeze nor sweat.

Toilets and showers

Toilet and shower areas are crucial spaces that complete the bathing experience. Regardless of whether visitors are lightly dressed or want to take a shower, our facilities maintain the room temperature in the shower and restroom areas at a comfortable 26 °C to 34 °C.

Fitness rooms

To avoid additional strain on the body during physical activity, an air temperature between 18 °C and 20 °C is recommended.

Staff and sanitary rooms

Due to light work clothing, the ideal air temperature ranges between 22 °C and 26 °C.

Restaurant area

Our solutions are designed to harmonise even the special requirements of kitchens and restaurants and ensure a seamless combination of functionality and convenience.


In the kitchen area, the room air temperature should be at least 17 °C and ideally not exceed 26 °C. We take into consideration the potential for increased grease load in the exhaust air. For this scenario, we utilize special ventilation units with encapsulated design to effectively protect the kitchen.


Adhering to catering building regulations, it's recommended to maintain a restaurant's room air temperature within the range of 19 °C to 26 °C for optimal comfort and compliance.

NX ThermoCond Series, NX ThermoCond series, advanced air handling unit serie for public swimming pools
NX ThermoCond Series
NX ThermoCond series, advanced air handling unit serie for public swimming pools
NX ThermoCond
NX ThermoCond HP