Units with an Adsolair heat recovery system achieve high heat recovery efficiencies and can be used in a wide variety of air conditioning applications. The integrated adiabatic evaporative cooling system allows temperature reductions of over 12 K. An integrated compressor refrigeration system as an additional option increases the cooling capacity of the overall system at high temperatures and allows the dehumidification of outside air. The combination of first-class components with an intelligent control and regulation system guarantees economical operation at all times, while ensuring the highest degree of comfort and availability.


  1. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning throughout the entire heat-recovery surface by programming of rinse cycles, rinse duration, and rinsing-agent dosing
  2. Large fin spacing for ease of cleaning, in accordance with VDI 3803, VDI 6022, DIN EN 13053
  3. Demand-oriented defrost function
  4. Possibility of utilization of the entire depth of the unit for installation of the heat recovery system, because the necessary bypasses are situated above and below the heat recovery system
  5. Thermodynamic air flow bypass reduces air-side pressure drop during bypass operation in both air paths
  6. Use of polypropylene, which is microbiologically harmless and non-corroding
  7. Pressure-stability for pressure differentials up to 10,000 Pa
  8. 100 % leak-proof due to special gluing process
  9. Performance data of the cross-counterflow heat exchanger measured by TÜV NORD (German official technical inspection agencies) in actualbuilt-in situation and in accordance with EN 308
  10. Over 25 years of experience in producing heat recovery systems made of polypropylene

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