Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP

Fluourocarbon-free supply air cooling

Menerga proves that effective cooling can take place without compression refrigeration systems. This is possible with its new carbon-neutral AdiabaticzeroGWP cooling technology, on the basis of its proven Adconair heat-recovery system. These hybrid evaporative cooling systems reliably cool hot summer outdoor air to as low as 18 °C. By combination of the technologies of indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling with dewpoint cooling – combined for the first time by Menerga in one air handling unit – it is possible to discharge high thermal loads outside the air conditioned rooms and to assure constantly low supply air temperatures.

  • Adiabatic cooling efficiency of 100 % (based on the wet-bulb temperature of the extracted air)
  • Great output, even with especially high internal thermal loads
  • Cooling of the outdoor air by up to 16 K possible
  • No need of a conventional refrigeration system, therefore considerably better CO2 balance
  • Maximum efficiency of the heat recovery system with minimal air-side pressure drop
  • Low water consumption with circulating water system
  • Use of condensate in adiabatic cooling system
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