With its full counterflow plate heat exchanger, the Adconair heat recovery system is setting new standards in the ventilation industry. The new heat exchanger works with a real counterflow proportion of beyond 80 %. The internal pressure drop of the recuperator is just 150 Pa. Menerga solutions with Adconair heat recovery systems are optimally adapted for use in various air conditioning applications. The system is designed to comply with the requirements of the highest energy efficiency classes. Ideal areas of application include all residential and non-residential buildings. Thanks to their high capacity and intelligent regulation system, the units always create an excellent indoor climate.



  1. Maximum efficiency with minimal air-side pressure drop
  2. Use of polypropylene which is microbiologically harmless and non-corroding
  3. Pressure-stabilitiy for pressure differences up to 10,000 Pa between the two air flows
  4. 100 % leak-proof due to special gluing process
  5. Performance data of the cross-counterflow heat exchanger measured by TÜV NORD in actual installation situation and in accordance to EN 308
  6. Demand-oriented defrost function
  7. Integrated supply-air humidification in the heat recovery
  8. Cleanable acc. to VDI 6022

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