Banco Santander

Data center with a 16 MW total cooling capacity in Spain

Banco Santander is the largest bank in Spain and one of the largest in the world. The company had exacting requirements during the design of the new data center for the headquarters in Spain: 150 million euros have been invested in sustainable technologies, both for use within IT as well as for the building equipment, resulting in a definitely presentable green IT data center with a very high total energy efficiency.


Commissioned in 2011, the complex in Solares, in the Cantabria region, consists of two nearly identical buildings, each with a base area composed of 5,500 m2.

Each building is designed like a silo: there are six separate server rooms in the first two underground levels, while the ground floor above is fully air conditioned. The futuristic-looking and decorative, rusty-looking elements in the photo are parts of the ventilation ducts and were designed by a leading architect.

In particular, the low electrical connection performance from the air conditioning units was decisive in terms of meeting the requirements for high energy efficiency. 18 Adcoolair units with a total cooling capacity of 8.1 MW have been installed. Each system has a capacity of 450 kW at a maximum airflow of 78,000 m3/h.

Three Adcoolair units per server room cool the air with adiabatic evaporation cooling. Should one unit fail, the other two can immediately replace the missing cooling capacity. Each unit has two adiabatic systems and four types of cooling circuits. The facilities are designed so that a complete failure is extremely unlikely, for example through the use of fan connections instead of a single fan per airway.

For Banco Santander, the units have been additionally adapted for redundancy reasons, so that the systems run at full capacity even without water for the adiabatic cooling.

An important factor in the selection of the Menerga units was the fulfillment of Santander’s high performance standard with both maximized unit efficiency and maximum resilience. The most important criterion in the contract award was the technical solution, with a percentage of 55 %. This part was met with 53.3 % by Menerga and, with a degree of fulfillment of just under 97 %, meant that Menerga led the competition.

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