ThermoCondCF/HP for private pool halls

The ThermoCond solutions from Menerga are multifunctional compact systems for air conditioning private swimming pool halls. The combination of firstclass components with precise control and regulation systems guarantees economical operation at all times, while ensuring the highest degree of comfort air conditioning. Menerga solutions with ThermoCond heat recovery systems dehumidify, heat and ventilate the swimming pool hall and simultaneously create a good climate while protecting the fabric of the building. Additional heat sources such as radiators or panel heating systems are generally not required.


  1. Dehumidifies, ventilates and heats
  2. Corrosion-free heat exchanger made from polypropylene
  3. Two-stage recuperative heat recovery
  4. Energy-saving EC fans
  5. Integrated heat pump optional
  6. Constantly regulated recirculation air heating damper
  7. Variable air duct connections
  8. Compact design for minimal space requirements
  9. Integrated control and regulation system, compatible with all conventional building management systems
  10. Optional: operation via smartphone or tablet
  11. Integrated bypass for summertime
  12. Ecodesign ready
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