Run around coil system

The heat recovery system with a run around coil is designed for applications where a strict separation of the airway is necessary for hygienic or safety reasons. Due to the design, a mass transfer at the heat recovery is avoided. The basic requirement for operating in highly sensitive areas such as laboratories is thus given. In addition, the unit can also be manufactured in a hygienic design, so it can also be used in applications with high indoor air quality in accordance with DIN 1946-4.


  1. Complete separation of the air paths complies with the most stringent hygienic requirements, e.g. room class 1a
  2. Separate, decentral installation of return-air and supply-air units
  3. In-house, customized production of the DX cooling system
  4. Integrated function for control of output and of free cooling
  5. Frost protection for continuous heat recovery operation
  6. Remote maintenance via 256-bit encrypted cloud, with Menerga vicomo
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