Rotary heat exchanger

Air-conditioning systems with rotation heat exchangers score points with regard to their investment and operation. With only 200 mm in length, these heat recovery systems achieve efficiencies that meet the requirements of Ecodesign directive for 2018 and the low pressure losses ensure a low electrical energy requirement of the fans. The controllability of the heat recovery over the speed of the storage mass makes bypassing in heat recovery systems unnecessary for free cooling.


  1. Prevention of air transmission from leakage at the slide seal of the rotor, due to pressure reversal
  2. Output control from 0 to 100 % by control of rotor speed, which eliminates the need for bypass dampers
  3. Frost protection by constant speed reduction for continuous heat-recovery operation
  4. Minimal unit length, even for great air volumes
  5. Minimal ratio of investment costs to air volume fl ow of any heat recovery system that falls under the Ecodesign Directive for air volume flow > 5,000 m┬│/h
  6. Integrated intelligent control and regulation system
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