Far too often, warm waste water is drained into the sewer system, together with all the energy it contains. Menerga solutions with an AquaCond heat recovery system recover the majority of this heat energy and transfer it to the clean water. The combination of recuperator and heat pump means that only approx. 10 % of the energy is required that would be used by a conventional heating system. With the standard integrated, automatic heat exchanger cleaning system the system can also be run with contaminated waste water. Recover valuable energy, anywhere that warm waste water is produced and simultaneously warm clean water has to be provided, e.g. in the shower areas of swimming pools, hospitals or residential homes, in laundries and in many industrial processes.


  1. Automatic, wastewater-side cleaning of heat exchanger with cleaning balls
  2. Maximum and optimal use of waste heat from wastewater by combination of recuperative heat recovery and a heat pump
  3. Coaxial heat exchanger with smooth interior pipe, which is not susceptible to fouling or clogging
  4. Double-wall heat recovery system with leakage monitoring for protection of the fresh water
  5. COP of up to 11 possible
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