Adsolair DX cooling

When outside air temperatures are sufficiently high, the integrated compressor refrigeration system cools the supply air to the desired temperature and dehumidifies it if required. This system is also available as a reversible version and can be combined with the Adsolair Adiabatic.

  • Performance increase of the integrated DX cooling system by up to 25 % by means of refrigerant sub-coolers
  • Microchannel condensers ⇒ reduction of refrigerant amount (up to 65 % less) and low air-side pressure drop (up to 40 % less)
  • Experience with adiabatic cooling systems in combination with DX cooling for more than 25 years
  • Output-controlled compressors for cooling ⇒ reduction of power input and energy demand
  • Individual and tailored design of the entire cooling system, e.g. by cooling decoupling
  • Compressor refrigeration sytem type approved acc. to PED 2014/68/EU
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