Adconair AdiabaticPro

Adiabatic evaporative cooling

With Adconair heat recovery in the AdiabaticPro version, Menerga has developed a technology to significantly optimize adiabatic evaporative cooling. This development is based on advances that include pre-cooling the extracted air upstream of the heat exchanger, which means increase of the overall efficiency of the cooling process to almost 100 %. Pre-cooling is used to lower the supply air temperature to 18 °C and to simultaneously increase cooling capacity by up to 30 % (based on average room temperature of 26 °C). Adconair heat recovery in the AdiabaticPro version is a full-fledged, energy-saving alternative to conventional air conditioning systems – entirely without a refrigeration system.

  • Adiabatic cooling efficiency of 100 %
  • Low water consumption with circulating water system
  • Use of condensate in adiabatic cooling system
  • High output, even with especially high internal thermal loads
  • No need of a conventional refrigeration system, therefore considerably better CO2 balance

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