Adconair AdiabaticDXcarbonfree - thermally driven

Thermally driven FC-free climate control

The new thermally driven air conditioning technology in the AdiabaticDXcarbonfree version – installed inside the proven Adconair heat recovery system – prevents high electrical power consumption during the summer cooling season. The cooling supply is provided by a closed adsorption cooling circuit integrated into the HVAC unit – which supplies the heating coil, used for supply air heating in winter, with cold water for cooling. In contrast to a compression refrigeration system, no electric power is needed for this operation, since heat at a temperature level beginning at 60 °C is employed. This heat is provided by connection of the heating supply, needed in any case for winter operation. Even in midsummer, the integrated return cooling by the adsorption refrigeration unit guarantees extremely low recooling temperatures and therefore allows high cooling energy efficiency ratios (EER). The water refrigerant, R718, integrated into the adsorption refrigeration unit has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of zero. Unlike other natural refrigerants, it is neither flammable nor toxic.

Carbon free supply air cooling and dehumidifying

  • Carbon free as water is used as refrigerant
  • No additional energy consumption for supply air cooling and dehumidifying
  • Usable level of (waste) heat from 60 to 90 °C, use of already existing heating connection and of preheater in the supply air flow
  • Possible energy sources: solar thermal energy, district heating, process heat or the heating connection of the heating coil which is required anyway for winter operation
  • Integrated re-cooling, therefore no external re-cooling plant required
  • No additional heat exchanger in the supply air - no additional permanent pressure drops


  • Adiabatic cooling efficiency of 90 %, with minimal air-side pressure drops
  • No additional air-side pressure drops due to installed components in the path, e.g. humidifiers
  • Reduction of the required DX cooling duty by up to 70 %
  • Use of condensate in adiabatic cooling system
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