Adconair AdiabaticDXcarbonfree - electrically driven

Electrically driven natural cooling solution

The innovative electrically driven AdiabaticDXcarbonfree cooling technology combines the proven Adconair heat recovery system with an extremely efficient, natural cooling process. This electrically driven technology is based on a turbo compressor with the refrigerant R718 (water). 
Compared to conventional refrigerants, water has ten times the evaporation energy and is therefore an extremely effective and natural refrigerant. No certified refrigeration engineers are required for the maintenance of the refrigeration system, and, last but not least, only very low pressures are required compared to over 70 bar for conventional CO2 refrigeration systems. 
The indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling integrated in the air handling unit also ensures a greatly improved EER value. This means you are on the safest side possible with regard to the F-Gas regulation with the refrigerant used. 
Just like the thermally driven system with the adsorption technology, this variant also makes use of the existing heat exchanger in the supply air. Thus, no unnecessary pressure loss on the air side is generated here either. This electrically driven solution is an ideal partner for a system with photovoltaic electric panels for environmentally friendly power. 

  • FC-free, due to the use of water (R718) as refrigerant with GWP = 0
  • Output-regulated turbo compressor
  • Adiabatic cooling efficiency ΦAdi > 90 %
  • EER > 11 (total EER, includes indirect evaporative cooling)
  • Completely encapsulated hydraulics in the supply air
  • System is not subject to the F-Gas Regulation
  • Operation of adiabatic cooling with rain water possible
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