Cooling systems using chilled water can be found in a wide range of areas: Whether for discharging excess heat from rooms with high thermal loading, for cooling industrial manufacturing processes or for the air conditioning of buildings. Menerga solutions with a Hybritemp heat recovery system are optimally adapted to these requirements. The “all-in-one” unit with a small footprint offers efficient cooling. Thus it is not necessary for cooling system components to be installed at or on the exterior of the building – and this drastically reduces the overall investment costs. Hybritemp chillers comply with the requirements applicable from 1 January 2018 to the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EG for refrigeration products and process coolers with high operating temperatures.


  1. More than 2 MW cooling capacity fully integrable in a building
  2. Integrated adiabatic cooling system with cooling unit for minimal connection power
  3. Steam free operation, by overheating the cooling tower exhaust air
  4. Periodic draining with total emptying of the cooling-tower tank for reduction of the risk of microbial growth
  5. Maximum output density – in kW of cooling duty per m² of footprint
  6. Minimal cooling-air volume flow – in m³/h per kW of cooling duty -> small air-duct cross-sections, small sound-absorption splitters, as well as small openings in the building shell
  7. Air-cooled condenser in the cooling-tower exhaust air -> increase of cooling duty by up to 20 %
  8. 100 % airtight and pressure stability up to 3,000 mmWS due to special gluing process
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