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New trainees begin at Menerga

At the company Menerga in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, 15 new trainees have begun their professional careers

Our new trainees are introduced to production processes, together with three coaches. Photo: Menerga GmbH

On 1 August 2018, 15 trainees began their traineeship programs in different training areas of work at the Menerga company. This means that the company, with around 440 staff, is now employing a total of 42 trainees.
Trainee coaches Christian Orwat und Robin Götsch have commented as follows: “Traineeship enjoys high priority at Menerga. For years now, and for reasons that also include demography, we have placed strong emphasis on training our own future generations of staff – and of keeping them at our company once they have completed their traineeship.” The training team consists of a total of six coaches. Three of them come from the Human Resources Department, and one coach has been assigned permanently to the company “Trainee Lab” as an engineering trainer. This Lab Coach, for example, develops technical skills, teaches techniques, and conducts testing simulation procedures. In its choice of new trainees, the company is looking above all for commitment and eagerness to work, in addition to good performance at their previous schools. A certain gut feeling is also involved, since good team spirit – and consequently a well-functioning team – is essential for the coaches in their work.
The 15 new trainees, from 16 to 27 years of age, are broken down into seven different trainee professions in the areas of administration, production, and service. In addition, Menerga has included a new trainee profession in its portfolio, beginning this year. As a result, two young men and one young woman will begin their training in a new professional field as production mechanics.
Four of the new trainees had already gained professional experience at Menerga as part of an entry-level qualification program or of internship – which after completion qualified them for an apprenticeship in the company.
Over the next few days, trainees from earlier years as well as coaches will familiarize all the new trainees with the company before they are assigned in August to their various company sections and begin their daily professional experience. It was only a week ago since all trainees from their first to fourth years of training, as well as their coaches, spent three days together under the motto “Next Generation! – getting to know and teaching each other!”

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