Corona update – We are by your side

We are constantly evaluating the situation and work to mitigate risks where necessary. The protection of our customers and our employees is our highest priority. For this reason, the majority of our employees currently work from home. The areas where this is not possible are separated as far as possible. Our production has already been split into two shifts, and between these shifts the workplaces are disinfected in according to regulations.  
Despite all these precautions during the Corona pandemic, there may be delays in deliveries in individual cases. If your order is affected, we will inform you immediately and agree a new delivery date together with you. 

If you have any questions, please contact your local sales office:


General recommendations concerning COVID-19 and ventilation systems

Menerga’s customers highly value us providing correct and precise data throughout all our business processes. Accordingly, we refrain from any communication concerning COVID-19 that is not based on facts and widely agreed recommendations by the Eurovent Association and its members, ASHRAE, and comparable respected bodies.

At this moment, we can provide the following recommendations:

1. Extend the operation time of the ventilation system.

  • Run ventilation units longer than the human presence hours in the building.
  • Turn on the unit earlier and leave the unit running for an extended period after occupancy.

2. Run the air handling system 24/7.

3. Increase the ventilation rate in the building by increasing the system’s volume rate.

4. Follow maintenance instructions and generally established hygiene standards.

5. For hospitals, laboratories, and other types of critical environments, follow their own existing guidelines and standards.

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