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Certification according to hygienic standards

Menerga heat recovery systems now certified according to DIN EN 1946 part 4 (12/2008)

After success-fully restructuring their Market Segments from three to now six segments, Menerga has now certified a number of its heat recov-ery systems from its Hygiene Market Segment. The heat recovery systems Dosolair, Adsolair, Adconair, and the Menerga run-around coil system are now certified according to DIN EN 1946:4 (12/2008), after a test and examination phase lasting from April of 2016 to January of 2017. The systems are certified for indoor in-stallation, as well as for outdoor installation in their weatherproof models. The indoor versions are designed for use in room classes up to the highest level: Ia.

The standard DIN EN 1946:4 (12/2008) applies to HVAC units in healthcare buildings. Testing according to this standard primarily checks components for conformity: such as special dampers, fil-ters, and heat exchangers. In a general sense, the hygienic stipula-tions of this standard cover system properties such as the follow-ing: the smoothness of inner unit surfaces, the resistance of sys-tem materials to disinfectants, as well as the ease of complete and flawless cleaning of the entire air handling unit.

Testing has been performed by SYNLAB hygienic institute of Es-sen, Germany. SYNLAB is a leading international institute con-cerned with environment, food and beverage, and hygiene stand-ards. Its services include testing to verify that HVAC systems con-form to the pertinent stipulations concerning hygiene standards.

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