Ultimately it’s the OpEx not the CapEx that counts.

The ventilation of an indoor swimming pool hall fulfills two main tasks:

1st  The creation of an ideal pleasant climate for sportsmen and women and wellness fans.

2nd  The continuous dehumidification of the air in the swimming pool hall in order to protect the structure of the building against damage from moisture over the long term.

Irrespective of the intensity of use of the swimming pool hall, the high level of water evaporation requires 24-hour operation of the air conditioning system, ideally regulated by an intelligently designed and controlled system. 

Indoor swimming pool climate is considered to be an extremely demanding discipline, a discipline in which Menerga is the market and innovation leader. Our systems ensure the customised and fully automatic aeration, dehumidification and heating of the rooms, always within the most economical operating point. For intelligent air distribution we offer slot diffusers, which keep large window fronts mist-free. And we set our sights not only on the swimming pool hall itself: with our systems you also create the ideal climate in neighbouring areas such as the restaurant, sports area or changing rooms. Rely on our expertise!

At the end of the day it is the costs that count!

Swimming pool halls are usually operated at an air temperature between 30° C and 34° C in order to provide the lightly clad bathers with a comfortable environment. For this reason, the swimming pool hall air is almost always warmer than the outside air. Usually, ventilation of the swimming pool hall means a continuous loss of energy. A good heat recovery system and regulation in line with requirements pay off within a very short time. Fact is: the most important aspect with respect to the costs of a swimming pool is not the investment costs, but the operating costs. Anyone who makes an intelligent choice may save over the long term while operating a totally reliable air conditioning system. Menerga systems are designed to be energy-efficient from the ground up and equipped with an intelligent control system which always selects the optimum operating mode automatically in line with requirements. Every day the systems save not only energy, but also valuable resources. Due to their high level of efficiency, they are ideal for use in swimming pool halls in accordance with the passive building standard. All Menerga systems are manufactured to be robust and durable and guarantee long and trouble-free operation. 

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