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Download our "ARdiabatic by Menerga" app with the help of our Adconair brochure or the picture of the Adconair heat exchanger below you can experience digital and interactive elements. Simply move your tablet or smartphone over the heat exchanger with the QR Code.
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Menerga Adconair AdiabaticDXcarbonfree

Thermally driven FC-free climate control
The new thermally driven air conditioning technology in the AdiabaticDXcarbonfree version – installed inside the proven Adconair heat recovery system – prevents high electrical power consumption during the summer cooling season. The cooling supply is provided by a closed adsorption cooling circuit integrated into the HVAC unit – which supplies the heating coil, used for supply air heating in winter, with cold water for cooling. In contrast to a compression refrigeration system, no electric power is needed for this operation, since heat at a temperature level beginning at 60 °C is employed. This heat is provided by connection of the heating supply, needed in any case for winter operation. Even in midsummer, the integrated return cooling by the adsorption refrigeration unit guarantees extremely low recooling temperatures and therefore allows high cooling energy efficiency ratios (EER). The water refrigerant, R718, integrated into the adsorption refrigeration unit has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of zero. Unlike other natural refrigerants, it is neither flammable nor toxic.

Menerga Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP

Fluorocarbon-free supply air cooling
Menerga proves that effective cooling can take place without compression refrigeration systems. This is possible with its new carbon-neutral AdiabaticzeroGWP cooling technology, based on its proven Adconair heat-recovery system. These hybrid evaporative cooling systems reliably cool hot summer outdoor air to as low as 18 °C. By a combination of the technologies of indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling with dewpoint cooling – combined for the first time by Menerga in one air handling unit – it is possible to discharge high thermal loads outside the air-conditioned rooms and to assure constantly low supply air temperatures.

Menerga Resolair

Regenerative heat recovery
The regenerative Resolair heat recovery system achieves the highest heat recovery efficiency with minimal internal pressure losses. These are characterized by both high thermal and high electrical efficiency. An integrated compressor refrigeration system increases the cooling capacity of the overall system at high temperatures, which is available as an additional option. The combination of first-class components with an intelligent control and regulation system guarantees economical operation at all times while ensuring the highest degree of comfort and availability.

Menerga image movie

Get an insight into the manufacturing and the headquarters of Menerga in Mülheim an der Ruhr:

Menerga at ISH 2017

All our Menerga product solutions, our market segments and general information on the company were presented in an interesting way on interactive touch tables on the Menerga booth at ISH 2017. Another highlight was the virtual reality glasses, with which you could discover a 360 ° animation of our latest climate-neutral cooling technology “Menerga Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP”. Experience our presentation at ISH 2017 with our ISH after the movie:t ISH 2017. 

Virtual Reality Movie

View our virtual reality movie about the new climate-neutral cooling technology Menerga AdconairzeroGWP here.

Manager TV - Menerga

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