First-class air conditioning

Our vision is Minimal ENERGy Application. Since 1980.

To put it simply, we have stirred a great deal of air since 1980. And the aim of achieving the right mixture while doing so has recently been bringing ever more people under Menerga's roof.

  • Founding year: 1980
  • The marketing of the first energy systems was occured by a few sales-offices
  • Today, more than 400 employees are active for Menerga  - in three company locations in Mülheim an der Ruhr as well as in an European-wide marketing and service

Our History


Menerga company was founded. Market launch of the unit series ThermoCond (intelligent swimming pool technology) and AquaCond (heat recovery from waste water)


Market launch of the automatic heat exchanger cleaning system for the AquaCond unit series


Market launch of the Resolair unit series, regenerative heat recovery with over 90% coefficient of performance (COP)


Market launch of the Drysolair unit series (air dehumidification unit for drying applications)


Replacement of the recuperative aluminium heat exchanger with plastic heat exchangers developed in-house


Market launch of the Dosolair unit series (two-stage recuperative energy recovery) and the Adsolair unit series (cooling without power by means of adiabatic evaporative cooling)


Market launch of the Trisolair unit series (three-stage recuperative energy recovery)


Market launch of the Hybritemp hybrid compact chilled water unit, with integrated recooling system


Menerga Designer: Design of complete air conditioning systems using software developed in-house 


Solar sorption-based air conditioning, initial pilot systems


Market launch of energy-efficient compressors with integrated power modulation


New generation of web-enabled control and regulation of ventilation and air conditioning systems


Introduction of the remote control for the ThermoCond 29 unit series using smart phone


Sorpsolair market launch (sorption-based air conditioning – cooling with the sun)


Market launch of the Adcoolair unit series (Green IT) for rooms with high thermal loads


Market launch of Adconair and ThermoCond 38 with counterflow plate heat exchanger. Market launch of energy-efficient plastic regenerators for the Resolair unit series

2013Menerga becomes part of the Systemair group, Sweden

Market launch of Adiabatic and AdiabaticPro for Adconair heat recovery system


Market launch of replacement units for ThermoCond 22 and ThermoCond 33


Market launch of heat recovery systems Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP (FC-free supply-air cooling which combines the technologies of indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling with dewpoint cooling) and Adconair AdiabaticDXcarbonfree (thermally driven FC-free climate control which uses a closed adsorption refrigeration unit integrated into the air handling unit)


Market launch of the electrically driven AdiabaticDXcarbonfree (integrated turbo compressor with R718 as refrigerant) for Adconair

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