Eco-design Directive

The European Directive 2009/125/EC provides a European legal framework for the establishment of requirements for the environmentally friendly design of energy-related products and came into effect in October 2009. The objective of the Eco-design requirements for air handling systems is to increase the primary energy savings of this product group to 60 % before 2025 related to 2010. The requirements for the Eco-design of HVAC units were established in EU Regulation 1253/2014, which came into force in 2014. Besides the basic requirements for the design of HVAC units, efficiency criteria were being determined in two steps for 1 January 2016 and increased requirements for 1 January 2018. Here special focus is put on the efficiency of the heat recovery system. Basis for the measurement of efficiency of heat recovery systems is DIN EN 308. This standard describes the test procedure. Another decisive factor for compliance with the requirements of the Eco-design Directive is the power consumption of the fans and ultimately the overall efficiency of the entire fan unit. Basically the following applies: If the reference values specified in the regulation are not met, these HVAC units are not allowed to be placed on the market within the European Union.

More information about the disposal and disassembly can be found in our transport and assembly manual.

You can find the information request Eco-design Directive – Annex V here.

Eco-Design directive

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