Creating a good indoor climate

Menerga has always been different. We think differently and find solutions differently. Cooling with the sun? Who would come up with such an idea? Of course Menerga! And we have proved all the doubters: our Sorpsolair concept is one of the most efficient in air conditioning technology. We make it - because we can! And we always find a solution. The innovative leadership shows us that our way is the right one. But beware: those who work at Menerga, quickly get the first orange fibers in the heart! We are proud of our company and our solutions!

Basis of our working cooperation are the following principles:

  • We are searching for the straight way.
  • We are trust-worthy and reliable.
  • We are pro-active.
  • We grow stronger through change.
  • Straight talk strengthens the team.
  • We believe in our concept – and in Menerga!
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