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With counterflow plate heat exchanger
2,600 – 35,400 m³/h
For medium-sized and large public swimming pool halls
ThermoCond 38
ThermoCond 38

Dehumidification unit with counterflow plate heat exchanger for medium-sized and large public swimming pool halls.
Air volume flow: 2,600 – 35,400 m³/h.

Devices of the series 38 achieve a very high energy efficiency, since the 
integrated program only adds as much air as is required for ehumidification of the pool hall air. ThermoCond 38 dehumidifies exclusively with outside air. The design ensures the cleanability 
according to VDI 6022. The integrated counterflow plate heat exchanger reaches a real counter flow share of 80% with highest heat recovery rates. Optionally the device can be equipped with a fresh water heater for an even more efficient use of the heat energy contained in the exhaust air. 

  • Heat recovery rate of more than 95% with just 150 Pa pressure drop
  • Corrosion-free heat exchanger made from polypropylene
  • Designed for the requirements of the highest energy efficiency classes
  • HRC class H1, even at high air velocities
  • Energy-saving EC fans
  • Optionally: Clean water heater
  • Integrated defrosting function
  • Thermal bridge factor kb = 0.78 - class TB1
  • Two-stage supply air filtration
  • Freely configurable HVAC system
  • Load-dependent variable volume flow rate adjustment
  • Fulfils the requirements of VDI 6022