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Three stage cooling for data center
11.1 kW – 226.6 kW
For high thermal loads, e.g. data center
Adcoolair 75
Adcoolair 75

Cooling of rooms with high thermal loading by means of indirect free cooling, adiabatic evaporative cooling, and an output-regulated compressor refrigeration system. 
Total cooling capacity: 11.1 kW – 226.6 kW.

Thanks to the combination of indirect free cooling, "adiabatic" evaporative cooling and the integrated output-regulated compressor refrigeration system, each of which supports the effectiveness of the others, the Adcoolair 75 unit series allows heat dissipation in recirculation mode from data processing centres and other rooms with high thermal loads, with minimal space requirements, low air pressure drops within the unit and very little energy consumption. The use of energy-efficient EC fan units, in combination with a demand-based flow rate control system, additionally contributes to the reduction of operating costs. The Adcoolair 75 unit series is optimally adapted to high return air temperatures. The combination of first-class components with precise control and regulation systems guarantees economical operation at all times.

  • Efficient cooling through the use of natural resources
  • Compact dimensions, optimised for installation in plant rooms without an additional cooling tower
  • Reliable cooling, even when outside temperatures are very high
  • No contamination of the process airflow with dust or corrosive pollutants
  • Moisture content of the process air remains unaffected
  • Low airflow rate required  for heat dissipation
  • Excellent PUE values of up to 1.1
  • Integrated control and regulation system, compatible with all conventional building management systems