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Sorption-based dehumidification
2,900 – 14,900 m³/h
For comfort air conditioning
Sorpsolair 72/73
Sorpsolair 72/73

Comfort air conditioning unit with double plate heat exchanger, adiabatic evaporative cooling system, and sorption-based dehumidification system. Air volume flow: 2,900 – 14,900 m³/h.

Units in the Sorpsolair 72 and 73 series were developed especially to utilise regenerative energy. The innovative air conditioning concept combines sorption-based dehumidification, adiabatic evaporative cooling and an efficient heat recovery system in a compact comfort air conditioning unit. The 72 series, without a brine accumulator, is suitable for directly utilising the waste heat e.g. from combined heat and power system (CHPS), while the brine accumulator integrated into the 73 series allows the storage of e.g. solar energy and hence increases the total efficiency of your installations. The combination of first-class components with precise control and regulation systems guarantees economical operation at all times, while ensuring the highest degree of comfort air conditioning. Sorpsolair systems are designed for all office and business buildings, as well as many other forms of application.

  • Sorption-based air conditioning – dehumidifying without electricity
  • Adiabatic evaporative cooling – Cooling without electricity
  • Over 75% temperature efficiency
  • Thermal coefficient of efficiency COPth from 1.5
  • Brine regeneration through the use of solar energy, district heat or excess process heat at a low-temperature level (from 65°C flow)
  • Energy-saving EC fans
  • Intelligent air bypass duct
  • Integrated defrosting function