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Special solution
If necessary, we can build them round.

When it comes to special requirements, we are pros. We will find the perfect solution for any project. And if the requirements are ever too special, then we just make our systems even more special.


We are the professionals for highly specialised systems and adapt our units faster than anyone else to meet special requirements. An example of this is the world-famous Anna Amalia library in Weimar, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The air conditioning for the historically unique collection of books utilises Menerga systems. One of the Resolair units was installed in the cellar vaults, below the book tower. The round tower is approximately 15 metres high, has a wooden spiral staircase and is one of the highlights in the library‘s ensemble. The cellar vaults below are likewise round, and can only be reached via a single, narrow corridor. The special challenge was sensibly fitting the system into the round cellar. In cooperation with the installer, the air conditioning unit was divided into compact transportation units, carried in through a narrow hatch at the rear of the tower and installed. The special feature is the semi-round design of the system, which is certainly unique. A nice reference project for the performance of Menerga, but only one example of the many possibilities. We are capable of reacting quickly and flexibly to meet your very specific requirements and onsite circumstances. In addition to the many options presented to you by our product range, we can also develop entirely new unit concepts for your special requirements. As, for example, we did for the Felsland Dahn leisure pool. The intention was to wisely make use of the excess heat from a combined heat and power system – and so our engineers developed the first sorption-based swimming pool dehumidification system in Germany. The result is a high-performance, reliable system that reduces the operating costs by approx. 40,000 euros per year. We have countless examples of such special systems. Just ask us! We develop and manufacture these special systems for you. Because we can. For over 30 years now.