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Schools and universities
Schools and universities

A good climate promotes the ability to learn and concentrate. But is it enough to air the room by opening the windows during the breaks? Just a short time after the start of lessons, the CO2 content can reach critical values. The higher the CO2 content of the air, the more often the children suffer from tiredness, headaches and an inability to concentrate. Oxygen forms the basis for all learning success! Airing the rooms simply by opening the windows has many disadvantages. In addition to the possible disturbance caused by noise, opening the windows also allows the outside air to bring fine dust particles and pollen into the rooms.

In schools in particular, a far more effective method is the entry of fresh air by means of ventilation and air conditioning in line with requirements - if possible based on CO2-controlled regulation. Air conditioning in line with requirements reduces the energy costs drastically, since the rooms are only used for limited periods during the day.

A university and all of its parts are like a small town. Accordingly, the air conditioning is a challenge. Many buildings with a wide range of requirements have to be brought together into one efficient overall concept. Lecture halls form a large proportion of the total area of a university. Here, the climate must be comfortable in order to promote learning. The same comfortable climate is required in the office wings. But that is not all. Almost every university has its own data processing center. Some maintain research laboratories with cleanroom conditions and even offer a swimming pool. They also have the catering areas with a cafeteria and kitchen. When the above are planned as an overall unit, the operators of university can significantly reduce their total costs. The waste heat from the cooling of data processing centers, for example, can be used to heat the lecture halls.

Menerga fits

Menerga offer the appropriate systems technology for all challenging room requirements at schools and universities. For example, we can not only ensure the comfort air conditioning in the lecture halls and offices, but also air-condition cleanrooms and laboratories or the university swimming pool. The example of the IT center at the University of Passau shows the form that the intelligent use of existing resources can take.